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 479 items in 24 pages
1Mr Robert Wade (PDF 185 KB) 
2Mr David McLachlan (PDF 55 KB) 
3Mr Fred Leftwich (PDF 274 KB) 
4Mr Simon Harrington (PDF 160 KB) 
5Public Affairs Commission (PAC) of the Anglican Church of Australia (ACA) (PDF 66 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 48 KB)  Attachment 2 (PDF 303 KB)  Attachment 3 (PDF 10972 KB) 
6Adjunct Professor Bertus De Villiers (PDF 101 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 2740 KB)  Attachment 2 (PDF 265 KB) 
6.1 Supplementary to submission 6 (PDF 141 KB) 
6.2 Supplementary to submission 6 (PDF 52 KB) 
7Mr Henry Burmester AO QC (PDF 56 KB) 
8Mr Mark Leibler AC (PDF 3954 KB) 
9Mr Maurice Alexander (PDF 104 KB) 
10Dr Jim Poulter & Uncle Bill Nicholson (PDF 54 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 132 KB) 
10.1 Supplementary to submission 10 (PDF 20 KB) 
11Michael and Michele Delaney (PDF 45 KB) 
12Mr Peter Fisher (PDF 226 KB) 
12.1 Supplementary to submission 12 (PDF 88 KB) 
13Professor George Williams AO (PDF 97 KB) 
14Mr John van Riet (PDF 33 KB) 
14.1 Supplementary to submission 14 (PDF 48 KB) 
15Ms Malgorzata Schmidt (PDF 23 KB) 
16Mr Julian Cleary (PDF 19 KB) 
17Ms Ana Corpuz (PDF 31 KB) 
18Mr Edward Popham (PDF 53 KB) 
19Dr Don Sillence (PDF 42 KB) 
20Ms Dawn Joyce (PDF 12 KB) 

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About this committee

The Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples was appointed by a resolution of appointment in March 2018.

The Committee presented its interim report on 30 July 2018 and presented its final report on 29 November 2018.

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18 Oct 2018: Canberra
16 Oct 2018: Canberra
12 Oct 2018: Cherbourg


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