ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Authority
ACL Australian Consumer Law
ADI Authorised Deposit-taking Institution

Australian Genetic Non-Discrimination Working Group

AFA Association of Financial Advisers

Australian Financial Complaints Authority

AFS Australian Financial Services
AIA AIA Australia
ALA Australian Lawyers Alliance
ALRC Report ALRC Report 96, Essentially Yours: The Protection of Human Genetic Information in Australia
AMA Australian Medical Association

Approved Product List

APP Australian Privacy Principles
APRA Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority
ASFA Association of Superannuation Funds Australia
ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission
ASIC Act Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001
ATO Australian Tax Office
BEAR Banking Executive Accountability Regime
BT BT Financial Group

Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand

Code FSC Life Insurance Code of Practice
CIO Credit and Investments Ombudsman
Competition and Consumer Act Competition and Consumer Act 2010
Corporations Act

Corporations Act 2001

Disability Discrimination Act

Disability Discrimination Act 1992

EDR External Dispute Resolution
FOFA Future of Financial Advice
FOS Financial Ombudsman Service
FPA Financial Planning Association of Australia
FRLC Financial Rights Legal Centre

Financial Services Council

FSI Financial Systems Inquiry
Genetic information Predictive genetic information

Global Domestic Product


General Practitioner

IDR Internal Dispute Resolution
IME Independent Medical Examiner
Insurance Contracts Act

Insurance Contracts Act 1984

ISWG Insurance in Superannuation Working Group
LCCC Life Code Compliance Committee
Life Insurance Act

Life Insurance Act 1995

LIF Reforms

Corporations Amendment (Life Insurance Remuneration Arrangements) Act 2017

Maurice Blackburn Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Default superannuation account

OAIC      Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Professional Indemnity

PIAC Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Privacy Act Privacy Act 1988
PwC Price Waterhouse Coopers

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners


Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

Report 413 ASIC, Report 413: Review of Retail Life Insurance Advice
Report 454 ASIC, Report 454: Funeral insurance: A snapshot
Report 470

ASIC, Report 470: Buying add-on insurance in car yards: Why it can be hard to say no

Report 471

ASIC, Report 471: The sale of life insurance through car dealers: Taking consumers for a ride.

Report 498

ASIC, Report 498: Life insurance claims: An industry review

Report 499

ASIC, Report 499: Financial advice: Fees for no service

RG 175 Regulatory Guide 175: Licensing: Financial product advisers—conduct and disclosure

Regulatory Guide 183 Approval of financial service sector codes of conduct


Superannuation Complaints Tribunal


Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993

Super Code       

draft Insurance in Superannuation Code of Practice


ATO system which provides trustees with information to assist with consolidating members accounts

Taskforce ASIC Enforcement Review Taskforce
TPD        Total and Permanent Disability
Trowbridge review

Mr John Trowbridge, Review of Retail Life Insurance Advice,March 2015

UCT Unfair Contract Terms
Zurich Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited