List of tables and maps

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List of tables and maps

Table 2.1—Number of Bank Branches in Australia, 1990–2001 (Page 8)

Table 2.2—Banks: Branch level of Service, 2001, 2002 and 2003 (Page 9)

Table 4.1—Major banks, building societies and credit unions—the number of outlets offering a branch level of service for 2001, 2002 and 2003 (Page 47)

Table 4.2—The Hawker Inquiry recommendations on branch closures, the Government response and the ABA’s Transaction Services and Branch Closure Protocol (Page 49)

Table 6.1—Map showing the areas within 20 km of any Bank Services Branches (Page 86)

Table 8.1—Credit Unions and Building Societies—Level of Service, 2001, 2002 and 2003 (Page 103)

Table 8.2—The Heritage Building Society Community Banking Model (Page 130)

Table 9.1—Agencies and giroPost outlets, June 1990–June 2002 (Page 136)

Table 9.2—Outlets providing other face-to-face banking services but excluding those delivering a branch level service and giroPost (Page 137)

Figure 10.1—Status of Rural Transaction Centres, February 2003 (Page 161)

Table 11.1—ATMs and EFTPOS terminals in Australia 1990–2002 (Page 171)

Table 11.2—The number of EFTPOS terminals and ATMs in Australia and the G10 Nations (Page 172)

Table 11.3—Deposit Account Transaction Charges of Major Banks (Page 175)

Table 12.1—Number and Proportion of Households with Access to a Home Computer in Metropolitan and Non-metropolitan Areas: 1998–2002 (Page 184)

Table 12.2—Number and Proportion of Households with Home Internet Access in Metropolitan and Non-metropolitan Areas: 1998–2002 (Page 185)

Table 12.3—Persons who use the Internet to pay bills or transfer funds: 2001–2002 (Page 186)

Table 12.4—Payment of bills or transfer of funds using internet, telephone, EFTPOS and ATM (Page 187)

Table 12.5—Main Reasons for Households being without Home Internet Access: 2002 (Page 199)

Table 14.1—Use and knowledge of ATMs, EFTPOS, telephone banking and internet banking by age (Page 218)

Table 14.2—Adults Undertaking Internet and Selected Electronic Transactions for 1998–2000 and 2000 by age groups (Page 219)

Table 14.3—Paying Bills or Transferring Funds via the Internet according to age group: 1999–2002 (Page 220)

Table 15.1—Indigenous Discrete Communities (Page 232)

Table 15.2—Remoteness Area of Australia, all Communities and Reported Usual Population: 2001 (Page 233)

Acronyms and abbreviations

AAPBS                   Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies

ABA                        Australian Bankers’ Association

ABARE                   Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics

ABS                        Australian Bureau of Statistics

ACCC                     Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

ACCORD               Australian Centre for Co-operative Research and Development

ACSWC                  Australian Catholic Social Welfare Commission

ADI                         Authorised Deposit-taking Institution

AISG                       ATM Industry Steering Group

ALGA                     Australian Local Government Association

ANZ                        Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

APCA                     Australian Payments Clearing Association

APRA                     Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

ARIA                       Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia

ASIC                       Australian Securities and Investments Commission

ATSIC                     Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

ATM                       Automatic Teller Machine

BDP                        Basic Deposit Products

CAEPR                   Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research

CDEP                     Community Development Employment Program

CDFI                       Community Development Finance Institution

COSBOA                Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia

CPSCU                   CPS Credit Union (SA) Ltd

CRA                        Community Reinvestment Act (USA)

CSO                        Community Services Obligation

CTSA                      Community Teleservices Australia (Inc)

CUSCAL                Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited

CWA                       Country Women’s Association of Australia

DOTARS                Department of Transport and Regional Services

EBT                         Electronic Benefits Transfer

EFTPOB                 Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Banking

EFTPOS                 Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale

FaCS                       Department of Family and Community Services

FSI                          Financial System Inquiry

FSRA                      Financial Services Reform Act 2001

FSU                         Finance Sector Union of Australia

Hawker Report      Report from the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics, Finance and Public Administration, Regional Banking Services: Money too far away, March 1999

HREOC                  Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

ISDN                       Integrated Service Digital Network

ISP                          Internet Service Provider

LGSA                      Local Government and Shires Association

LPO                        Licensed Post Office

NAB                        National Australia Bank

NCC                        National Competition Council

NFF                         National Farmers’ Federation

OECD                     Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

OTC                        Over-the-counter

PCCN                     Progressive Community Crow’s Nest Ltd

PIN                         Personal identification number

POAAL                   Post Office Agents Association Limited

PS 146                    ASIC Policy Statement 146: Licensing: Training of financial product advisers

PSA                         Prices Surveillance Authority

QGAP                     Queensland Government Agents Program

RBA                        Reserve Bank of Australia

RTC                        Rural Transaction Centre

SLA                         Statistical Local Area

TCU                        Traditional Credit Union

TPA                         Trade Practices Act 1974

USO                        Universal Service Obligation

Wallis Report        Commonwealth of Australia, Financial System Inquiry Final Report,  March 1997

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