List of abbreviations

ACCAustralian Christian Churches
AIFSAustralian Institute of Family Studies
AML-CTFAnti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing
AVCAge Verification Certificate
AVPAAge Verification Providers Association
BBFCBritish Board of Film Classification
DEAUnited Kingdom Digital Economy Act 2017
DTADigital Transformation Agency
DVSDocument Verification Service
EBTElectronic Betting Terminal
FVSFace Verification Service
GDPREuropean Union General Data Protection Regulation
INHOPEInternational Association of Internet Hotlines
ISPInternet-service provider
PASPublicly Available Specification
RGFNSW Responsible Gambling Fund
RWAResponsible Wagering Australia
SbDSafety by Design initiative
TDIFTrusted Digital Identity Framework
UNSWUniversity of New South Wales
VACCAVictorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
VPNVirtual private network
VRGFVictorian Responsible Gambling Foundation
WACSSWA Child Safety Services

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