The role and operations of the Federation Chamber

On Thursday 23 October 2014 the Committee adopted an inquiry into the role and operations of the Federation Chamber.

The Committee recommended the establishment of the Main Committee (later Federation Chamber) in its 1993 report, 'About Time', to alleviate pressure on the time of the House and enable more time for consideration of legislation. The Main Committee first met on 8 June 1994. After 20 years of operation, the Procedure Committee will examine the evolution of the Federation Chamber, its effectiveness in the current Parliament and how the role of the Federation Chamber could be enhanced.

The Committee invites interested persons to make submissions addressing the terms of reference by 4 December 2014. Online submissions can be made on this page.

For information on how to make a submission, go to our Making a submission to a Committee inquiry page.


Committee Secretariat contact:

Committee Secretary
Standing Committee on Procedure
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Parliament House
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Phone: +61 2 6277 4672