Completed inquiries and reports

Reports will be made available here when they are presented.
Report Name Date Tabled

Report on the inquiry into aspects of petitioning security and accessibility

Parliamentary Paper:  177/2021

24 June 2021
 Report Name  Date Tabled    

Inquiry into the e-petitioning system of the House of Representatives Petitions Committee

Parliamentary Paper: 2018/159

Date of Government response: 13 August 2018

 29 May 2018

Inquiry into the future of petitioning in the House

 Parliamentary Paper: TBA

Date of Government response: awaiting response

21 February 2019 
Report Name Date Tabled

The work of the Petitions Committee: 2013-2016

Parliamentary Paper: 134/2016

5 May 2016

13 April 2016

Earlier reports of the Petitions Committee are available at the following pages: