Completed inquiries and reports

Report Name Date Tabled

Sick and tired: Casting a long shadow
Inquiry into Long COVID and Repeated COVID Infections

 19 April 2023

Report Name Date Tabled

Walking the allergy tightrope
Inquiry into allergies and anaphylaxis
Parliamentary Paper: 145/2020

15 June 2020
The New Frontier - Delivering better health for all Australians
Inquiry into approval processes for new drugs and novel medical technologies in Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 564/2021
25 November 2021
Inquiry into childhood rheumatic diseases: Interim Report
Parliamentary Paper: 115/2022
31 March 2022

Report Name Date Tabled

Report on the Inquiry into the 2017-18 Annual Reports of the Department of Health and Australian Hearing
Parliamentary Paper: 107/2019
Government Response: 29 November 2021

4 April 2019

Bedtime Reading 
Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 106/2019
Government Response: 4 August 2023

4 April 2019
Advisory Report on the Aged Care Amendment (Staffing Ratio Disclosure) Bill 2018
Parliamentary Paper: 28/2019
7 December 2018

Report on the Inquiry into the Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 419/2018
Government Response: 24 October 2019

22 October 2018

Report on the Inquiry into Biotoxin-related Illnesses in Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 386/2018
Government Response: 3 March 2020

17 October 2018
Report on the Inquiry into the Use and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporisers in Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 109/2018
Government Response: 17 June 2020
28 March 2018

Still waiting to be heard...
Report on the Inquiry into the Hearing Health and Wellbeing of Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 300/2017
Government Response: 14 August 2018

13 September 2017
Report Name Date Tabled

Report on the Inquiry into Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Primary Health Care
Parliamentary Paper: 135/2016          

 5 May 2016

The Silent Disease
Report on the Inquiry into Hepatitis C in Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 177/2015
Date of Government Response: 9 November 2016

25 June 2015
Skin Cancer in Australia: Our National Cancer
Report on the Inquiry into Skin Cancer in Australia
Parliamentary Paper: 95/2015
Date of Government Response: 31 May 2017
24 March 2015