WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that the written and video exhibits on this website may contain images, voices and names of people who have since passed away.

Exhibits received by the Committee

No. Exhibitor
1 Nancy Bamaga Video and transcript (PDF 68 KB
2 John Smith Gumbula Video and transcript (PDF 69 KB)
3 Jade Balfour Video and transcript (PDF 73 KB)
4 Peter Farmer Video and transcript (PDF 76 KB)
5 Bianca Beetson Video and transcript (PDF 70 KB)
6 Ian Plunkett Video and transcript (PDF 77 KB)
7 Richard Bell Video and transcript (PDF 73 KB)
8 Debbie Taylor Video and transcript (PDF 68 KB)
9 Alec Coles and Deanne Fitzgerald Video and transcript (PDF 92 KB)
10 Phillip Walley-Stack Video and transcript (PDF 74 KB)
11 Vernon Ah Kee Video and transcript (PDF 196 KB)
12 Ernie Dingo Video and transcript (PDF 209 KB)
13 Miranda Farmer Video and transcript (PDF 191 KB)
14 Neil Coyne Video and transcript (PDF 189 KB)
15 Gordon Hookey Video and transcript (PDF 206 KB)
16 Dennis Stokes Video and transcript (PDF 191 KB)
17 Andrew Gall Video and transcript (PDF 182 KB)
18 Richard Walley Video and transcript (PDF 26 KB)
19 Alethea Beetson and Emily Wells Video and transcript (PDF 26 KB)
20 Community Arts Network (CAN)
  • Burdiya Mob: Djarliny (CD) - Part of CAN's Rekindling Stories on Country program
  • Kwobadak Maar Beautiful Hands: art and stories by Northam Yorgas catalogue
  • The Bush Babies: Elders Portrait Exhibition 8 July 2014 catalogue
  • Born on Country: Bush Babies Moora and New Norcia catalogue
21 Martumili Artists
  • Songlines: tracking the Seven Sisters catalogue
  • We don't need a map: a Martu experience of the western desert (educational resource - inquiry sheets, fact sheets, stories and information)
  • Thank you for supporting Martumili Artists magnets
  • Experience Extraordinary Western Australia: tourist brochure about Martumili Artists
  • Our Country mini jigsaw
  • Martumili Artists: an explanation of the workings of the art centre (video resource for Martu artists in language)
22 Warmun Art Centre
  • Warmun Art: Contemporary Aboriginal Art brochure
  • Warmun Art information guide
  • 23 Desart
    • Desart Mob 2016 catalogue
    • Desart Mob 2017 catalogue
    24 Waltja Tjutangku Family News: Edition 59, 2015
    25 Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre
    • Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre: Cultural Strength in Art brochure
    • Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre: Catalogue (Mandarin translation)
    • Wabu Jananyu: Cultural plant use by the Girringun Aboriginal tribal groups of North Queensland
    26 Dr Matthew Rimmer
    27 Confidential
    28 Arnhem Northern and Kimberly Artists Aboriginal Corporation (ANKA)
    29 Mr Tim Aker
    • Licensing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art: Information kit
    • Licensing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art: Information for Artists
    • Licensing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art: Information for Manufacturers and Wholesalers
    • Licensing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art: Information for Retailers
    30 Tourism Australia
    • Discover Aboriginal Experiences brochure
    • Signature Experiences of Australia brochure
    • Discover aboriginal Experiences Trade Fact Sheets (March 2018)
    31 City of Sydney Eora Journey: Economic Development Plan - Executive Summary ( 2016)
    32 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Engagement Toolkit: A practical reference guide for all staff to enhance Indigenous cultural competency across DFAT's work in Australia and overseas

    About this inquiry

    The Committee will inquire into the growing presence of inauthentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 'style' art and craft products and merchandise for sale across Australia.

    Past Public Hearings

    21 Sep 2018: Canberra
    20 Sep 2018: Canberra
    13 Sep 2018: Canberra


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