On Tuesday, 15 March 2016, the Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities tabled the Smart ICT Report on the inquiry into the role of smart ICT in the design and planning of infrastructure.

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Preliminary pages
Foreword, Membership of the Committee, Former Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communications, Terms of reference, List of abbreviations, List of recommendations.

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Referral and conduct of the Inquiry, Scope of the Inquiry, Structure of the report. 

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Chapter 2: What is smart infrastructure?
New technologies and applications, Building information modelling, Geospatial technology, Internet of things, Machine learning, Mobile laser scanning, Opportunities, Visions of the future, Productivity gains, Committee Conclusions.

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Chapter 3: Data collection and harmonisation
ICT and data collection—the importance of data collection to the development of smart infrastructure, Open data and smart ICT—the need for data access, Achieving compatibility of different data, devices and systems, Harmonisation—national and international standards, Data collection and storage capabilities, Data security, Committee conclusions.      

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Chapter 4: Emergency management and disaster planning and remediation
Current capabilities, Future developments, Committee conclusions.

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Chapter 5: Promoting smart ICT
Government leadership, Mandating use of smart ICT—BIM, Linking project funding to technological innovation, Coordinating body—UK model, Promoting the development of relevant skills, Committee conclusions. 

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Appendix A: List of submissions

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Appendix B: List of exhibits

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Appendix C: List of public hearings and witnesses

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