Building Up & Moving Out

September 2018

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  Committee Secretariat

Terms of Reference


List of Recommendations

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

  Conduct of the Inquiry
  Structure of the report

Part 1 The pattern of settlement

2. Developing a National Settlement Strategy

  Populations and the pattern of settlement
  A National Settlement Strategy
  Committee Conclusions

3. Integrating cities

  Re-imagining cities
  Creating integrated cities
  Densification, agglomeration and distribution
  Committee conclusions

4. Integrating regions

  The relationship between cities and regions
  Developing the regions
  Investment in regional communities
  National connectivity
  Committee conclusions

Part 2 Sustainable urban form

5. Urban sustainability

  Importance of community infrastructure and utilities
  Climate change
  Committee conclusions

6. Urban connectivity

  Sustainable urban transport systems
  Transport and urban form

7. Sustainable buildings

  Environmental sustainability of existing built environment
  Strategies to improve the sustainability of Australia‚Äôs built environment
  Committee conclusions

8. Improving housing affordability

  Capital cities housing affordability crisis
  Causes of poor housing affordability
  Addressing poor affordability
  Committee conclusions

9. Smart cities

  What is a smart city?
  Fast and reliable internet
  Proliferation of IoT technologies
  Interoperable IoT technologies
  Fostering quality open data
  Committee conclusions

10. Global best practice

  International best practice
  Multidisciplinary urban research in Australia
  International benefits of best practice
  Committee conclusions

Part 3 Role of government

11. Role of the Commonwealth (1)

  Smart Cities Plan
  Impact of Commonwealth policies on cities
  Leadership, leverage and coordination
  Committee conclusions

12. Role of the Commonwealth (2)

  Building Better Cities
  City Deals/Regional Deals
  Metropolitan Governance
  Taxation policy supporting secondary centres of economic activity

13. Infrastructure procurement

  Refining procurement methods
  Committee conclusions

A. List of Submissions

B. List of Exhibits

C. List of public hearings and witnesses

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