Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations

On Wednesday, 4 May 2016, the Committee tabled its report for the inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations.

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Preliminary pages

Foreword, Membership of the Committee, Terms of reference, List of abbreviations, List of recommendations

(PDF 120KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction
(PDF 76KB)
Chapter 2: Background to the Register
(PDF 140KB)
Chapter 3: The Register in operation (PDF 184KB)
Chapter 4: Activities undertaken by environmental deductible gift recipients (PDF 192KB)
Chapter 5: Community engagement with environmental deductible gift recipients

(PDF 200KB)

Chapter 6: Reporting and compliance (PDF 180KB)
Additional comments - Mr Jason Wood MP (PDF 52KB)
Labor Members' Dissenting Report (PDF 72KB)
Appendix A: List of submissions (PDF 112KB)
Appendix B: List of exhibits (PDF 64KB)
Appendix C: List of public hearings (PDF 64KB)

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