Procedural orders of continuing effect


  1. Circulation of requests


  1. Disclosure of minority or dissenting reports
  2. Unauthorised disclosure of committee proceedings, documents or evidence
  3. Unauthorised disclosure of committee proceedings
  4. Joint committee documents – disclosure
  5. Witnesses' expenses
  6. Reference of Tax Expenditures Statement to committees considering estimates
  7. Cross portfolio estimates hearing on Indigenous matters
  8. Fair Work Australia – consideration of estimates
  9. Estimates hearings—Additional hearings on Fridays
  10. Estimates hearings—Additional hearings generally
  11. Transcription of evidence heard in an Indigenous language
  12. Environment and Communications References Committee—Determination of committee chair
  13. Australia’s Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Act 2020 – annual reports – reference to Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee


  1. Public interest immunity claims
  2. Senate and Senate committees – claims of commercial confidentiality

Orders for documents

  1. Indexed lists of departmental and agency files
  2. Entity contracts
  3. Agency advertising and public information projects
  4. Departmental and agency appointments and vacancies
  5. Departmental and agency grants
  6. Family and Community Services – Housing Assistance agreements
  7. Shipping Grants Legislation Bill 1996
  8. Health – Assessment reports by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  9. Defence – Review of materiel acquisition projects – Report by the Auditor-General
  10. Trade – Free trade agreements
  11. Estimates hearings – Unanswered questions on notice


  1. Disallowed questions

Parliamentary secretaries

  1. Powers

Senate chamber

  1. Australian flag
  2. Seating
  3. Media representatives and advisers – dress code
  4. Photographs
  5. Storage of Senate documents