Senate chamber

26 Display of flags

The Senate—

  1. agrees to furnish the chamber with an Australian flag which is in keeping with the proportions and architecture of the chamber;
  2. notes that this would:
    1. give a permanent outward sign of the allegiance which we all owe to the nation of Australia,
    2. show respect for the commitment Australian men and women have demonstrated to the Australian flag throughout the history of Australia in times of peace and war, and now as the unifying symbol for our sports people in the international arena, and
    3. demonstrate that the Senate is proud to display the Australian flag; and
  3. directs that the flag be installed within 3 weeks after the passage of this resolution.

(8 October 1992 J.2861)

The Senate—

  1. notes the resolution of 8 October 1992 relating to the display of the Australian Flag
    in the Senate chamber;
  2. resolves that, consistent with its previous resolution, the Aboriginal Flag and the
    Torres Strait Islander Flag be displayed alongside the Australian Flag in the Senate
    chamber; and
  3. directs that the flags be installed within three weeks after the passage of this

(27 July 2022 J.72)

27 Seating

  1. The President shall provide chairs on the floor of the chamber as a gallery for visiting members of the House of Representatives.
  2. The President shall request the Speaker of the House of Representatives to provide similar seating in the House of Representatives chamber for senators.
  3. This order has effect notwithstanding anything contained in the standing orders and is of continuing effect.

(18 May 1993 J.164, amended 24 September 2014 J.1492)

28 Media representatives and advisers – dress code

The Senate does not require media representatives in the Senate gallery, or senators' advisers, to wear coats.

(20 March 2002 J.244)

29 Storage of Senate documents

The Senate authorises the storage outside Parliament House by the National Archives of Australia of documents laid before the Senate, provided that the storage of those documents is under the control of the Department of the Senate and microfilm or digital copies of them are available within Parliament House.

(6 October 2005 J.1200, amended 27 June 2012 J.2668)