Parliamentary secretaries

25 Powers

  1. Any senator appointed a parliamentary secretary under the Ministers of State Act 1952 may exercise the powers and perform the functions conferred upon ministers by the procedures of the Senate, but may not be asked or answer questions which may be put to ministers under standing order 72(1) or represent a Senate minister in relation to that minister's responsibilities before a legislative and general purpose standing committee considering estimates.
  2. This order is of continuing effect.

(6 May 1993 J.100, amended 24 August 1994 J.2054, 1 May 1996 J.64, 11 November 1998 J.54, 4 April 2000 J.2525, 6 February 2001: with effect from 1 January 2002 J.3860, 14 August 2006: with effect from 11 September 2006 J.2481)