54 Australian Bureau of Statistics surveys

  1. The committee is of the opinion that the government should not in the future proceed with any ABS survey unless—
    1. where the survey is significantly different from surveys conducted prior to July 1988, the proposed survey and the proposed terms of conduct of the survey are tabled in Parliament and the parliamentary debate on the proposed survey is fully taken into account, and
    2. the proposed survey is not extraordinarily burdensome and intrusive towards those members of the Australian public selected for inclusion in the survey.

(1 and 2 December 1988 J.1233)

Note: Resolution of a committee of the whole, adopted by the Senate on 2 December 1988 (the Senate sat after midnight on 1 December 1988). Part of a longer resolution dealing with a particular statistical survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

55 Voluntary voting

The Senate is of the view that having regard to the fact that the system of voluntary voting provided for in the Constitutional Convention (Election) Bill 1997 is for the election of delegates to a specific Constitutional Convention for a limited and temporary purpose in special circumstances, the system should not be seen as a precedent for elections of members of Parliament or for any other ballots including referendums.

(28 August 1997 J.2354)

Note: Resolution agreed to as a consequence of an amendment to the question that the report of the committee on a message from the House of Representatives relating to the Constitutional Convention (Election) Bill 1997 be adopted.