News & Events

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House Review
Selected features of House of Representatives business
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Senate Citizenship Register
The Senate’s Citizenship Register has been published
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House Citizenship Register
The House's Citizenship Register has been published
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Senate Discovery
Discover the latest news from the Senate with our new videos
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Guide to Procedures
A concise introduction to House of Representatives procedures
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Information and research from the Parliamentary Library
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PBO issues consultation paper
Allowing minor parties to opt in to the PBO’s post-election report of election commitments
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Enlighten 2018
Celebrate Enlighten at Australian Parliament House
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Parliamentary Education Office
In case you missed it
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Additional estimates hearings
26 February to 2 March 2018


Read the latest news from the Senate and its committees, and find information on lectures, seminars, and other events which promote understanding of the Senate and the Parliament

House of Representatives

News about the House of Representatives and its committees, including bills under discussion, issues raised by private members, video of question time in the House and interviews with Members on topical issues can be accessed here.

Parliamentary Library

Information and Analytical Services from the Parliamentary Library include current and historical information about Senators and Members, Ministries, elections and referenda, papers produced in the Library's publications program, and guides to Internet resources.

Exhibitions on display

The Parliament House Art Collection is a public collection of significant heritage value, created specifically for Parliament House.