Stakeholder feedback

In response to the 2016-17 independent review of the PBO, the PBO agreed to conduct a stakeholder survey once in each term of Parliament.  The responses collected from these surveys provide a measure of how the PBO is performing to ensure high standards and quality services are maintained.  The results feed into the annual corporate reporting and the recommendations will shape how the PBO works over the coming years.

46th parliament

In June 2021, the PBO conducted its most recent survey through the engagement of an external firm (Uncommon Knowledge) to undertake the survey on our behalf.  The survey was a mixture of one-on-one interviews and an online survey, of parliamentarians, parliamentary staff, journalists, and economists.  The number of responses (85) was higher than previous surveys conducted in 2018 (35) and 2015 (63).

The results indicated high levels of satisfaction with the services delivered by the PBO, with some specific areas of improvement identified, including by:

  • enhancing the awareness that parliamentarians have of our services through more active outreach to parliamentarians and their staff,
  • enhancing the experience that parliamentarians have of our services through greater recognition of the different needs that they have, including for the timeliness of information and the way we interact with them, and
  • ensuring that our website is more user focused, by making information easier to find and more interactive.

We will prioritise acting on this feedback for the remainder of 2021–22 and beyond.

A summary of findings is available:
•  2021 PBO Stakeholder survey evaluation report - Executive summary PDF Icon (858 KB)
•  2021 PBO Stakeholder survey - Summary snapshot PDF Icon (306 KB)