APS Employee Census

2022 Census highlights

In summary, the PBO results are generally positive and ranked highly compared to the APS overall. This is the second year the PBO has participated in the census. The key indices of the report showed improvement in all but one area:

  • Employee engagement – score of 83 (+3)
  • Immediate supervisor – score of 80 (+2)
  • SES manager – score of 84 (+8)
  • Communication – score of 74 (+2)
  • Wellbeing policies and support – score of 84 (+3)
  • Enabling innovation – score of 76 (=)

The PBO’s Staff Consultative Group will consider areas for improvement such as further enhancements to communication within the PBO and embedding improved change management activities.

For further insights, download the PBO highlights report PDF Icon (1 MB).

2021 Census highlights

In 2021, the PBO participated in the APS Employee Census survey for the first time. The PBO had high levels of engagement, with a 98% response rate. The PBO plans on ongoing participation in the Census to continuously track results over time. 

In summary, the PBO results are generally positive and ranked highly compared to the APS overall. A few highlights of the report include:

  • Employee engagement - Ranked 7th of 101 responding agencies
  • Wellbeing policies and support - Ranked 6th of 101 responding agencies
  • Enabling innovation - Ranked 3rd of 101 responding agencies

The results also showed strong results in areas such as inclusion, with the percentage of positive responses above 90%.

A staff-led survey working group has been convened to work through actions going forward from the census. Areas for improvement are likely to include enhancements to communication and change management within the PBO.

For further insights, download the PBO highlights report  PDF Icon (1.04 MB)

More information

For more information, an explanatory guide and technical details about the employee Census, visit the Australian Public Service Commission’s Census page.