Annual Statement of Compliance with the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework 2022

The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children and has a zero-tolerance approach to child exploitation or abuse.

The PBO is compliant with the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework and as part of our commitment to child safety, we undertake an annual risk assessment of our activities.

The nature of our work means there is limited, if any, interaction with children across the scope of our activities and functions.

The PBO’s core activities include costing and budget analysis services, self-initiated research and reporting on the budget impacts of election commitments. Interactions are predominantly with parliamentarians and their advisers, parliamentary committees, other government agencies and the media, and do not involve having any responsibility for or contact with children or young people.

Given the nature of our interactions, the overall risk rating for child safety-related risks is ‘low’.

We understand that managing child safety risks is an ongoing process and we will continue to regularly review and monitor our compliance with the Commonwealth Child Safety Framework.