This statement sets out the Parliamentary Budget Office’s (PBO) approach to collecting, using, storing and disclosing personal information. The PBO is committed to ensuring that all personal information is handled and protected in accordance with the relevant legislative requirements and privacy principles under the Privacy Act 1988.

The personal information the PBO collects may include identifying information, contact information, feedback information, and employee records. The PBO collects such personal information for a number of general purposes, such as:

  • for recruitment and management of the PBO workforce (including employees and contractors)
  • to manage and enforce agreements with employees, contractors and third parties
  • to communicate with individuals, advisory groups, businesses, committees and stakeholder groups
  • to provide and notify individuals and other interested parties of PBO publications and newsletters
  • to manage, assess, evaluate and monitor the PBO’s legislative compliance, policies and programs (including freedom of information requests)
  • to maintain information and contact details for auditing, compliance and regulatory purposes
  • to obtain feedback, and respond to complaints and enquires (including social media).

The PBO may collect this personal information in a variety of ways, including via email, over the phone or in hardcopy.

The PBO discloses data to outsourced service providers for the purposes of those organisations providing ICT, security, financial and payroll services to the PBO.  These outsourced providers include the Department of the Senate and the Department of Parliamentary Services.

For more information about how the PBO handles personal information, the PBO’s Privacy Policy can be obtained from the Privacy Officer, by emailing The PBO Privacy Policy also contains information about how to make a request for access to, or correction of, personal information held by the PBO, as well as who to contact for privacy enquires or complaints.

The PBO will also publish a register of all privacy impact assessments we conduct.  To date, the PBO has not conducted any privacy impact assessments.