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AEC announces Federal representation entitlements

Today the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) released information confirming South Australia will lose one electorate, and Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) will each gain one. Read more...

Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority

In the wake of the recent parliamentary entitlements controversy that culminated in the resignation of Health Minister Sussan Ley, on 13 January 2017 Prime Minister Turnbull announced the establishment of an independent parliamentary expenses authority to administer and oversee the work expenses of parliamentarians, including ministers. He indicated that the model used by the United Kingdom (UK) would provide the direction for the new independent authority. This post provides a brief overview of the UK model—the statutory Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). Read more...

MP's salary and entitlements

The Remuneration Tribunal has today set MPs base salary at $185 000 effective from 15 March 2012. This amount was foreshadowed in the Tribunal’s statement and initial report released on the 15 December 2011. The setting of the base salary had been dependent on the Government introducing legislation to delink increases in base salary and additional salary with the benefits received by former members under the Parliamentary Superannuation Contributory Scheme 1948 (PCSS).Following the passage of the Remuneration and the other Legislation Amendment Bill 2011 and the Members of Parliament (Life Gold Pass) and other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 this severing is complete. The Remuneration Tribun... Read more...

Members of Parliament salary and entitlements

On 24 March the Special Minister of State, Hon Gary Gray, introduced the Remuneration and other legislation amendment bill 2011. This bill provides, among other matters, for the Remuneration Tribunal to determine MP’s base salary, currently $136 640, and ends the Parliament’s ability to disallow the remuneration determinations, that is senators’ and members’ pay increases. The Bill also requires the Tribunal, an independent statutory authority, to publish its reasons for the determination. Since 1990 the Remuneration Tribunal has only had an advisory power with regard to the annual allowance (or base salary). After the relevant determinations are tabled, Parliament may resolve to disapprove ... Read more...

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