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Reviewing the adequacy of income support payments

The Government has recently announced the establishment of an Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee, which will, among other things, consider the adequacy of income support payments prior to the next budget. This follows numerous calls for increases in such payments over recent years. Read more...

New Zealand—a ‘Southern Link’ between China and South America?

In November 2021, the New Zealand China Council published a report entitled The Southern Link: Developing a Global Value Chain, which outlined the concept of a ‘Southern Link’ as ‘an extension of a global value chain (GVC) that involves the routing of multi-modal freight and passengers between ASEAN–North Asia and South America via New Zealand’. The plan intends that New Zealand will serve as an air and sea freight hub between East Asia and South America, facilitating e-commerce trade, tourism, and education and mediation services, and thereby providing an economic boost to post-pandemic New Zealand.  Read more...

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