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What's New in Statistics . . . August

This month: The world population is expected to reach 8 billion by November (United Nations), and the latest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population data is now available. Releases in August If you are interested in any of the forthcoming releases or datasets, please contact the Parliamentary Library to discuss in more detail.   Statistical reports Release date ANZ ANZ Australian Job Ads, July 2022 1 Aug ABS Building Approvals, June 2022 2 Aug ... Read more...

Climate Change Bill 2022

On 27 July 2022, the Government introduced the Climate Change Bill 2022. The Bill proposes to set Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets into law. It is similar to climate target laws enacted in other OECD nations and in four of Australia’s states and territories. It does not introduce carbon pricing, emissions trading, or carbon taxation. Simultaneously introduced was the Climate Change (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2022, which would amend 14 Acts to enable consideration of the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets when specified agencies are exercising powers or performing functions.  Read more...

Opening of the 47th Parliament

Opening of the 47th Parliament

Following the 21 May 2022 federal election, the newly appointed Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, stated that the new Parliament would first meet on 26 July 2022—106 days after the previous Parliament was dissolved. The opening of a new Parliament proceeds according to constitutional requirements, House of Representatives and Senate standing orders and resolutions, and long-standing ceremonial practices. This Flagpost article outlines and contextualises these aspects prior to the new parliament opening later this month. Read more...

Can you hear me? Remote participation in the Commonwealth Parliament
Courtesy of Auspic

Can you hear me? Remote participation in the Commonwealth Parliament

Being on mute, an interrupting pet, interesting camera angles, items in the background and technical issues are just a few examples of what parliamentarians have become accustomed to in order to continue business as usual during the coronavirus pandemic. This FlagPost uses a procedural lens to understand how remote participation was implemented and its lasting impact.  Read more...

Personal staff allocations to minor parties and independents

The newly elected crossbench has had their personal employee allocations reduced from 4 to 1, based on recent media reporting. The Government argues that the additional staffing for the crossbenchers is unfair to other backbenchers and a signal of budgetary restraint. This flagpost discusses the regulation and history of this staffing allocation. Read more...

Public hospital funding: an overview

In 2021, the Australian Medical Association reported that according to doctors, access to public hospitals was the worst it had been in 30 years (p. 10). Recent media coverage of patients being treated in corridors, ambulance ramping occurring in every state and territory, and bed and staff shortages around the country indicate that access issues have continued. On 17 June 2022, the Prime Minister announced a review of health funding and health arrangements. This followed calls for months from state and territory leaders for the Commonwealth to increase its share of hospital funding, and concerns from peak bodies about the public hospital system being close to breaking-point. This article ... Read more...

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