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Iraq's humanitarian crisis grows

The operation to retake Mosul has reinvigorated the international community’s interest in the humanitarian dimensions of the conflict in Iraq. This has also resulted in a raft of recent donations to address the coming crisis – many groups estimate up to 1.5 million people could potentially being displaced or affected by the operation to retake the city. However, Iraq’s humanitarian and development needs extend far beyond the immediate requirements in Mosul. Read more...

Regulation of lever-action shotguns

In light of renewed debate over regulation of the Adler A-110 lever-action shotgun, this FlagPost provides a brief overview of the current regulation of lever-action shotguns and recent developments. The Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 currently prohibit the import of any: lever-action shotgun with a magazine capacity of more than five rounds or firearm magazine with a capacity of more than five rounds for a lever-action shotgun (even if not attached to a shotgun). The prohibition is not specific to the Adler A-110 lever-action shotgun, and only affects imports of that model with a magazine capacity of more than five rounds (there is also a model with a capacity of fi... Read more...

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