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Do alcohol health warning labels work?

 On 24 May the House of Representatives Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee is to hold a roundtable with alcohol industry representatives, through which it will canvass their views on health warning labels on alcohol containers, including specific warnings for pregnant women. On 31 May, the Committee will hold a similar hearing with public health and alcohol and drug non-government organisations. The Committee is also currently conducting an inquiry into the incidence and prevention of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.The hearings are being held in a context in which the Government has recently committed to certain alcohol labelling reforms in response to the recommendations of the I... Read more...

Alcohol floor price

There are indications that the Government is considering introducing a nationwide floor price (or, minimum unit price) for alcohol. Such a mechanism would make it illegal for a retailer to sell alcohol below a certain price per standard drink. The move appears to be primarily in response to the problem of cheap cask wine and its contribution to alcohol-related harm in Indigenous town camps in the Alice Springs region.Minimum unit pricing has not yet been implemented anywhere in the world, despite the Scottish Government’s recent attempts to introduce such a scheme. In 2008, in response to evidence of significant and increasing alcohol-related harm in Scotland, the Scottish Government set abo... Read more...

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