Budget Estimates 2011-12 (May 2011)

Budget Estimates 2011-12 (May 2011)

Parliamentary Departments

Index to Questions on Notice -  (PDF 74KB)

Note: The committee has set Friday, 8 July 2011 as the date for the return of answers to Questions on Notice.

Answers to Questions on Notice

QoN No. Department/Agency Senator Topic PDF Format Date Answer Received
Senate Moore Number of people working on interagency development programs (PDF 86KB) 01/06/2011
2 Senate Polley Current vacancies within the Committee Office (PDF 137KB) 01/06/2011
3 Senate Moore Cases of workers' compensation and committee work (PDF 85KB) 01/06/2011
4 Senate Fifield Plans to replace furniture in Senators' offices, departmental offices and communal areas (PDF 137KB) 17/06/2011
5 DPS Faulkner Parliamentary Librarian - HR role (PDF 11KB) 07/07/2011
6 DPS Marshall Staff with legal qualifications in the Parliamentary Library (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
7 DPS Fifield Media subscriptions (PDF 14KB) 07/07/2011
8-9 DPS Marshall Law and Bills Digest section (PDF 7KB) 07/07/2011
10 DPS Fifield Definition of published documents (PDF 15KB) 07/07/2011
11 DPS Fifield Social Media (PDF 15KB) 07/07/2011
12 DPS Faulkner Indexing in the Parliamentary Library (PDF 12KB) 07/07/2011
13 DPS Fifield Media Monitoring (PDF 14KB) 07/07/2011
14 DPS Humphries New security staff at APH since beginning of calendar year (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
15 DPS Ryan Internal and/or carbon audits of DPS (PDF 59KB) 07/07/2011
16 DPS Kroger Life of a solar panel (PDF 4KB) 07/07/2011
17 DPS Fifield Solar panel integration trial (PDF 7KB) 07/07/2011
18 DPS Fifield Workpoint space (PDF 14KB) 07/07/2011
19 DPS Fifield Disability access (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
20 DPS Fifield Disability access (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
21 DPS Fifield Disability Acess
Attachment A (PDF 92KB)
Attachment B (PDF 368KB)
Attachment C (PDF 628KB)
Attachment D (PDF 2616KB)
(PDF 5089KB) 07/07/2011
22 DPS Humphries Allegations of bullying (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
23 DPS Moore Bullying covered in induction notes (PDF 6KB) 07/07/2011
24 DPS Fifield Staffing (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
25 DPS Fifield Staffing - efficiency dividend/ budget cuts (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
26 DPS Fifield Education expenses (PDF 8KB) 07/07/2011
27 DPS Fifield Executive coaching and leadership training (PDF 12KB) 07/07/2011
28 DPS Fifield Paid Parental Leave (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
29 DPS Faulkner APH Billiard Tables (PDF 468KB) 07/07/2011
30 DPS Faulkner Auction houses used by DPS (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
31 DPS Faulkner Information in advertisement used for the Billiard Tables (PDF 82KB) 07/07/2011
32 DPS Faulkner Sale prices of the Billiard Tables (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
33 DPS Faulkner The decision to accept the price of the Billiard Prices (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
34 DPS Faulkner Heritage assessment in the valuation of the Billiard Tables (PDF 18KB) 07/07/2011
35 DPS Faulkner Internal auditor's report relating to the Billiard Tables (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
36 DPS Fifield Hospitality and entertainment (PDF 9KB) 07/07/2011
37 DPS Fifield Consultancies (PDF 15KB)

Attachment (PDF 60KB)
38 DPS Fifield Contractors (PDF 14KB) 07/07/2011
39 DPS Fifield Hospitality spend (PDF 17KB) 07/07/2011
40 DPS Fifield Government payments of accounts (PDF 14KB) 07/07/2011
41 DPS Fifield Reviews (PDF 8KB) 07/07/2011
42 DPS Fifield Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet Committee meetings (PDF 14KB) 07/07/2011
43 DPS Fifield Legal costs (PDF 16KB) 07/07/2011
44 DPS Kroger Original decision for APH to participate in Earth Hour (PDF 6KB) 07/07/2011
45 DPS Fifield Illumination of the Parliament House flag during Earth Hour (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
46 DPS Faulkner    Heritage studies of Parliament House
Attachment a) Draft Heritage Strategies:
Draft 1   (PDF 4714KB)
Draft 2   (PDF 4942KB)
Draft 3   (PDF 5045KB)
Draft 4   (PDF 4934KB)
Draft 5   (PDF 5206KB)
Draft 6   (PDF 3510KB)
Draft 7   (PDF 3437KB)
Draft 8   (PDF 3680KB)
Draft 9   (PDF 42KB)
Draft 10 (PDF 3608KB)
Draft 11 (PDF 2433KB)
Draft 12 (PDF 2849KB)
Draft 13 (PDF 2222KB)
Draft 14 (PDF 2737KB)
Draft 15 (PDF 2223KB)
Attachment b) Draft Heritage Framework:
Draft 1   (PDF 4097KB)
Draft 2   (PDF 4292KB)

47 DPS Fifield Board appointments (PDF 4KB) 07/07/2011
48 DPS Fifield Grants (PDF 4KB) 07/07/2011
49 DPS Fifield Freedom of Information (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
50 DPS Fifield Government advertising (PDF 6KB) 07/07/2011
51 DPS Fifield Community cabinets (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
52 DPS Fifield Discretionary grants (PDF 4KB) 07/07/2011
53 DPS Fifield Commissioned reports (PDF 5KB) 07/07/2011
54 DPS Fifield Government stationary (PDF 4KB) 07/07/2011
55 DPS Fifield Travel costs (PDF 14KB) 07/07/2011

Additional information and tabled documents

Dr Rosemary Laing, Clerk, Department of the Senate, Report to the Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee on Senate Committee Activities, received 19 May 2011 (PDF 1736KB)
Dr Rosemary Laing, Clerk, Department of the Senate, Occasions since 1901 when a Senate was sworn in July, tabled 23 May 2011 (PDF 256KB)
Department of Parliamentary Services, Correction to evidence relating to security staff numbers, dated 25 May 2011 (PDF 175KB)
Department of Parliamentary Services, Correction to evidence relating to the date of sale of two billiard tables, dated 26 May 2011 (PDF 154KB)
Dr Rosemary Laing, Clerk, Department of the Senate, Additional evidence relating to a question on supporting committee staff in dealing with demanding and emotional community members, received 1 June 2011 (PDF 171KB)
Department of Parliamentary Services, Letter clarifying evidence provided to Senators Faulkner and Humphries on Monday, 23 May 2011, dated 6 July 2011 (PDF 21KB)
Department of Parliamentary Services, Letter relating to the evidence provided to the committee on billiard tables, dated 4 July 2011 (PDF 449KB)

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