Finance and Deregulation portfolio

Finance and Deregulation portfolio

Index to questions on notice - (PDF 90KB)

Note: The committee set Friday, 26 March 2010 for the return of answers to Questions on Notice.

Answers to Questions on Notice


Department / Agency



Answer to QoN

Date answer received

F1 DFD RYAN Change to Medicare levy surcharge threshold (PDF 232KB) 26/03/2010
F2 DFD RYAN Medibank Levy Surcharge Threshold (PDF 229KB) 07/04/2010
F3 DFD JOYCE Medibank Average Case Payment (PDF 59KB) 26/03/2010
F4 DFD JOYCE Medibank Cash Return (PDF 63KB) 26/03/2010
F5 DFD RONALDSON Medibank (PDF 224KB) 07/04/2010
F6 DFD FIFIELD Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines (PDF 173KB) 07/04/2010
F7 DFD FIFIELD Disability Services (PDF 258KB) 22/04/2010
F8 DFD FIFIELD Disability Services (PDF 219KB) 22/04/2010
F9 DFD RONALDSON The cost of writing COMCAR’s history (PDF 197KB) 01/04/2010
F10(a-b) DFD RONALDSON Procurement Contract (PDF 226KB) 22/04/2010
F11 DFD RONALDSON Expenditure on Consultancies (PDF 187KB) 22/04/2010
F15 DFD JOYCE Savings (PDF 250KB) 27/04/2010
F16 DFD JOYCE Savings (PDF 200KB) 27/04/2010
F17 DFD JOYCE Savings (PDF 231KB) 27/04/2010
F18 DFD JOYCE Savings (PDF 334KB) 27/04/2010
F19 DFD JOYCE Charter of Budget Honesty (PDF 228KB) 07/04/2010
F21 DFD RYAN Savings (PDF 359KB) 27/04/2010
F22 DFD SHERRY Outsourcing administration of the Public Sector Superannuation Accumulation Plan (PSSap) (PDF 222KB) 07/04/2010
F23 DFD JOYCE Nation Building Funds – projects funded through the Education Investment Fund (PDF 276KB) 07/04/2010
F24 DFD JOYCE Property Portfolio Value (PDF 184KB) 29/04/2010
F25 DFD JOYCE Centenary House (PDF 184KB) 29/04/2010
F26 DFD JOYCE New Commonwealth Regulation (PDF 240KB) 07/04/2010
F27 DFD RYAN The Future Fund Management Agency – Ministerial Direction (PDF 293KB) 07/04/2010
F28 DFD KROGER Nation Building Funds – criteria used for determining eligible projects funded through the Education Investment Fund (PDF 302KB) 07/04/2010
F29 DFD JOYCE Credit default swaps (PDF 174KB) 07/04/2010
F30 DFD JOYCE Investments in Europe (PDF 188KB) 07/04/2010
F31 DFD RYAN Commonwealth and state debt (PDF 182KB) 07/04/2010
F32 DFD RONALDSON Printing and Communications Entitlement (PDF 91KB) 26/03/2010
F33 DFD RONALDSON Electorate office relocations (PDF 57KB) 26/03/2010
F34 DFD RONALDSON Electorate office relocations (PDF 63KB) 26/03/2010
F35 DFD RONALDSON Contact between Finance officer and Ms Nola Marino MP (PDF 58KB) 26/03/2010
F36 DFD MOORE Certification of Monthly Management Reports (PDF 59KB) 26/03/2010
F37 DFD RYAN Optus wireless coverage in Tasmania (PDF 59KB) Attachment a (PDF 1127KB) Attachment b (PDF 7KB) 26/03/2010
F38 DFD FIFIELD Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (PDF 58KB) Attachment a (PDF 14KB) 26/03/2010
F39 DFD FIFIELD Voting for the blind and vision impaired (PDF 44KB) Attachment a (PDF 24KB) 01/04/2010
F40(a-b) DFD RYAN Protected Action Ballot costs (PDF 67KB) 26/03/2010
F41 DFD RYAN AEC powers in conduct of elections under Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (PDF 111KB) 01/04/2010
F42 DFD RYAN Cost of Health Services Union ballot (PDF 82KB) 26/03/2010
F43 DFD RYAN Staffing Expenditure (PDF 259KB) 07/04/2010
F44 DFD RYAN Staffing (PDF 181KB) 29/03/2010
F45 DFD RYAN Staffing (PDF 188KB) 29/03/2010
F46 DFD RYAN Staffing (PDF 171KB) 29/03/2010
F47 DFD RYAN Staffing (PDF 236KB) 29/03/2010
F48 DFD BARNETT Staffing (PDF 186KB) 07/04/2010
F49 DFD BARNETT Staffing (PDF 174KB) 29/03/2010
F50 DFD RYAN External Consultancies (PDF 186KB) Attachment a (PDF 142KB) 29/03/2010
F51 DFD BARNETT Consultancies (PDF 184KB) Attachment a (PDF 142KB) 29/03/2010
F52 DFD RYAN Electorate Data (PDF 58KB) 26/03/2010
F53 DFD RYAN Discretionary grants (PDF 58KB) 26/03/2010
F54 DFD BARNETT Discretionary grants (PDF 184KB) 28/05/2010
F55 DFD RYAN Publication of discretionary grants (PDF 55KB) 26/03/2010
F56 DFD RYAN Reports commissioned by the Government since November 2007
   Attachment A.1
   Attachment A.2
   Attachment A.3
   Attachment A.4
   Attachment A.5
   Attachment A.6
   Attachment A.7
   Attachment B.1
   Attachment B.2
(PDF 368KB)
(PDF 30KB)
(PDF 209KB)
(PDF 205KB)
(PDF 255KB)
(PDF 220KB)
(PDF 103KB)
(PDF 35KB)
(PDF 168KB)
(PDF 156KB)
F57 DFD RYAN Election Commitments (PDF 178KB) 07/04/2010
F58 DFD RYAN Advertising and Marketing (PDF 266KB) 08/04/2010
F59 DFD BARNETT Communications Programs (PDF 95KB) 08/04/2010
F60 DFD RYAN Pressure on APS staff (PDF 79KB) 25/03/2010
F61 DFD RYAN APS Code of Conduct (PDF 178KB) 29/03/2010
F62 DFD RYAN Code of Conduct for Ministerial Staff (PDF 56KB) 25/03/2010
F63 DFD RYAN Procurement (PDF 229KB) 22/04/2010
F64 DFD RYAN Procurement Toolkit (Liability Risk Assessment) (PDF 183KB) 28/04/2010
F65 DFD FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Overseas travel by the Minister for Sport (PDF 92KB) 01/04/2010
F66a DFD RONALDSON BRCWG (PDF 182KB) 07/04/2010
F66b DFD RONALDSON BRCWG (PDF 168KB) 07/04/2010
F66c DFD RONALDSON BRCWG (PDF 243KB) 07/04/2010
F67 DFD RONALDSON BRCWG (PDF 307KB) 27/04/2010
F68 DFD RONALDSON BRCWG (PDF 302KB) 22/04/2010
F69 DFD RONALDSON BRCWG (PDF 298KB) 22/04/2010
F70 DFD RONALDSON BRCWG (PDF 294KB) 22/04/2010
F71 DFD RONALDSON BRCWG (PDF 176KB) 27/04/2010
F72 DFD RONALDSON Best practice processes for regulation making and review (PDF 363KB) 22/04/2010
F73 DFD RONALDSON Best practice processes for regulation making and review (PDF 371KB) 22/04/2010
F75 DFD RONALDSON BRCWG (PDF 244KB) 27/04/2010
F76 DFD RONALDSON Performance Information (PDF 174KB) 22/04/2010
F77 DFD RONALDSON Performance Information (PDF 238KB) 22/04/2010
F78 DFD RONALDSON Performance Information (PDF 249KB) 22/04/2010
F79 DFD RONALDSON Performance Information (PDF 244KB) 22/04/2010
F80 DFD RONALDSON Performance Information (PDF 285KB) 22/04/2010
F81 DFD RONALDSON Performance Information (PDF 173KB) 22/04/2010
F82 DFD RONALDSON News Clips (PDF 60KB) 01/04/2010
F83 DFD BARNETT Hospitality Spends (PDF 251KB) 28/04/2010
F84 DFD BARNETT Freedom of Information (PDF 282KB) 26/03/2010
F85 DFD BARNETT Attendance at Community Cabinet Meetings (revised) (PDF 240KB) 20/04/2010
F86 DFD BARNETT Reviews undertaken by the Finance Portfolio (PDF 376KB) 24/05/2010
F87 DFD SIEWERT Costs of electronically assisted voting (PDF 87KB) 26/03/2010
F88 DFD RONALDSON AEC divisional offices (PDF 231KB) 26/03/2010
F89 DFD RONALDSON Consultation with political parties (PDF 58KB) 26/03/2010
F90 DFD RONALDSON Voting for Australian Defence Force Personnel Overseas (PDF 60KB) 26/03/2010
F91 DFD BIRMINGHAM Environmentally friendly Commonwealth car fleet (PDF 276KB) 07/04/2010


Additional information and tabled documents

Open Source Software overview - tabled by the Department of Finance and Deregulation (PDF 364KB) 09/02/2010
Establishment Variances of Government Positions - 1 October 2009 to 1 February 2010 - Tabled by the Department of Finance and Deregulation (PDF 719KB) 09/02/2010
Personal Positions and Staff with Personal Classifications, as at 1 February 2010 - Tabled by the Department of Finance and Deregulation (PDF 3142KB) 09/02/2010
HSU Points - tabled by the Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 541KB) 09/02/2010
ANAO: Clarification of answer to question on notice made in additional estimates 2009-2010 hearing (PDF 1346KB)  


Corrections to and clarifications of evidence

DFD correction of answer to question on notice made in additional estimates 2009-2010 hearing (PDF 706KB) 10/03/2010


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