Budget estimates 2012-2013 — (May 2012)

Budget estimates 2012-2013 — (May 2012)

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Questions on notice index: (PDF 383KB)

Answers are due Friday 20 July 2012

Answers to Questions on Notice
Division/Agency View File Attachments
Australian Bureau of Agricultural Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) (PDF 169KB) Attachment to QoN 63 (PDF 824KB)
Agricultural Productivity Division (PDF 157KB)  
Australian Pork Limited (PDF 61KB)  
Meat and Livestock Australia (PDF 24KB)  
Australian Livestock Export Corporation Ltd (PDF 35KB)  
Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (PDF 237KB)  
Biosecurity Animal Division (PDF 140KB)  
Biosecurity Food Division (PDF 101KB)  

Biosecurity Plant Division

(PDF 93KB)  
Biosecurity Policy Division (PDF 196KB)  
Climate Change Division (PDF 264KB)  
Finance and Business Support Division (PDF 583KB)  
Government Division (PDF 488KB)  
People and Service Delivery Division (PDF 201KB)  
Quarantine Operations Division (PDF 183KB) Attachment to QoN 191 (PDF 542KB)
Sustainable Resource Management (PDF 686KB) Attachments to QoN 278
a (PDF 2800KB)
b (PDF 4570KB)
c (PDF 12752KB)

Attachments to QoN 282
1 (PDF 60KB)
2 (PDF 71KB)
3 (PDF 80KB)
4 (PDF 71KB)
5 (PDF 61KB)
6 (PDF 66KB)
7 (PDF 66KB)
8 (PDF 62KB)
Australian Fisheries Management Authority (PDF 169KB)  
Trade and Market Access Division (PDF 146KB)  

Tabled Documents View File
1. Staffing figures from 2009-10 to 2012-13, tabled by Dr Conall O'Connell, 21/05/12. (PDF 299KB)
2. "Rising fees hurt small exporters" Northern Star, tabled by Senator McKenzie, 21/05/12. (PDF 604KB)
3. "Non-invasive assessment of stress in commercial housing systems", tabled by Mr James Kellaway, Managing Director, Australian Egg Corporation Limited, 22/05/12. (PDF 2005KB)
4. "Qualitative research to determine consumer perceptions of free-range stocking densities", tabled by Mr James Kellaway, Managing Director, Australian Egg Corporation Limited, 22/05/12. (PDF 1999KB)
5. "Welfare issues and housing for laying hens: international developments and perspectives", tabled by Mr James Kellaway, Managing Director, Australian Egg Corporation Limited, 22/05/12. (PDF 671KB)
6. Answers to questions taken on notice during the hearings on 21 and 22 May 2012, in relation to quarantine, budget supplier savings, and apple and pear research, development and extension investment plan. (PDF 1213KB)

Additional Information and Hansard corrections

View File

1. Correspondence received from Minister Ludwig and Ms Rona Mellor in relation to the operation of the Eminent Scientists Group and invasive species outbreaks, received 21 May 2012. (PDF 202KB)
(PDF 35KB)
2. Draft Import Risk Analysis report for fresh ginger from Fiji, received 25 May 2012. (PDF 3322KB)
3. Field Visit Report - Ginger Production and Processing in Fiji, September 2007, received 25 May 2012. (PDF 715KB)
4. Correspondence received from Mr James Suter, General Counsel, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, in relation to the determination on the reconsideration of APVMA’s decision to refuse an application to use dimethoate on tomatoes that are destined for export, received 14 June 2012. (PDF 3774KB)
5. Correspondence received from Ms Cathrine Stephenson, Assistant Secretary, Parliamentary Business and Ministerial Support Branch, clarifying evidence given by departmental officers on 22 May 2012. (PDF 131KB)
6. Correspondence received from Ms Lynne O'Brien, First Assistant Secretary, People and Service Delivery, correcting an answer to question on notice. (PDF 39KB)
7. Correspondence received from Ms Jo Evans, Trade and Market Access Division, correcting an answer to a question on notice. (PDF 33KB)

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