Department of Transport and Regional Services

Department of Transport and Regional Services

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Corporate Services (CORP) (PDF 147KB) CORP 10 (PDF 94KB)
AusLink (AUSL) (PDF 141KB) AUSL 05 (PDF 181KB)
AUSL 19 (PDF 459KB)
Maritime and Land Transport (MLT) (PDF 156KB  
Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) (PDF 84KB) ATSB 01*
Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) (PDF 154KB) AMSA 16-A (PDF 61KB)
AMSA 16-B (PDF 154KB)
AMSA 16-C (PDF 434KB)
Aviation and Airports (AAA) (PDF 144KB) AAA 17 (PDF 375KB)
AAA 28 (PDF 82KB)
Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) (PDF 217KB) CASA 05 (PDF 117KB)
CASA 06*
CASA 33 (PDF 75KB)
Office of Transport Security (OTS) (PDF 134KB) OTS 10 (PDF 174KB)
Airservices Australia (AA) (PDF 191KB) AA 02 (PDF 81KB)
Regional Services (REGS) (PDF 273KB) REGS 30 (PDF 86KB)
REGS 33 (PDF 81KB)
REGS 36 (PDF 87KB)
Territories and Local Government (TLG) (PDF 312KB) TLG 10-A (PDF 479KB)
TLG 10-B (PDF 1453KB)
TLG 10-C (PDF 454KB)
TLG 39 (PDF 272KB)
TLG 40-A (PDF 110KB)
TLG 40-B (PDF 97KB)
TLG 41 (PDF 72KB)
TLG 72 (PDF 310KB)
National Capital Authority (NCA) (PDF 108KB) NCA 01*
NCA 04 (PDF 682KB)

 * Attachments available from committee secretariat on request

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Dated 7 June 2006, from Ms Barb Kraaz, Ministerial Liaison and Governance Manager, National Capital Authority, clarifying evidence given by the Chief Executive at the Budget Estimates hearing on 23 May 2006 (PDF 69KB)
Dated 29 June 2006, from Mr Ron Nobbs, Minister for Finance with the Norfolk Island Government, in response to comments made during the Budget Estimates hearing on 23 May 2006 (PDF 24KB)

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