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Budget Estimates 2007-2008 (May 2007)

Attorney-General's Portfolio

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Letters of Correction/Clarification

Question on Notice Index: (Excel 262KB)

QoN Senator Dept/Agency Topic View
1 Ludwig AGD Media campaigns (PDF 17KB)
2 Ludwig AGD National Water Plan (PDF 17KB)
3 Ludwig AGD Projected Staff Levels (PDF 21KB)
4 Ludwig AGD Budget Papers (PDF 19KB)
5 Ludwig AGD Performance indicators (PDF 18KB)
6 Ludwig AGD Budget Papers (PDF 17KB)
7 Ludwig AGD Competitive Neutrality Payments (PDF 20KB)
8 Ludwig AGD Justice Wilcox retirement (PDF 16KB)
9 Ludwig AGD Federal Court judges (PDF 17KB)
10 Kirk AGD Family Court Judges (PDF 19KB)
11 Ludwig AGD Family Court Appointment (PDF 17KB)
12 Webber AGD Marriage celebrants (PDF 31KB)
13 Stott Despoja AGD Family Law (PDF 20KB)
14 Stott Despoja AGD Family Relationships Centres (PDF 23KB)
15 Stott Despoja AGD Family Court (PDF 18KB)
16 Ludwig AGD Report on Family Violence (PDF 28KB)
17 Ludwig AGD Marriage celebrants (PDF 44KB)
18 Ludwig AGD Marriage celebrants (PDF 25KB)
19 Ludwig AGD Marriage celebrants (PDF 30KB)
20 Ludwig AGD Marriage certificates (PDF 19KB)
21 Ludwig AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 66KB)
22 Ludwig AGD Parenting Plans (PDF 19KB)
23 Ludwig AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 32KB)
      Attachment (PDF 241KB)
24 Ludwig AGD Family Relationship Centres (PDF 17KB)
25 Ludwig AGD OFLC (PDF 18KB)
26 Ludwig AGD Proposed Amendments to Classification Act (PDF 21KB)
27 Barnett AGD Amendments to the Classification Act (PDF 19KB)
28 Ludwig AGD Appointment of OFLC Director (PDF 16KB)
29 Ludwig AGD Appointment of OFLC Director (PDF 17KB)
30 Stott Despoja AGD Online fraud control (PDF 18KB)
31 Ludwig AGD Hiley-Levy report (PDF 25KB)
32 Ludwig AGD Operations of NNTT and Federal Court (PDF 19KB)
33 Ludwig AGD Aboriginal Legal Services (PDF 38KB)
36 Evans AGD Native Title Funding (PDF 15KB)
37 Evans AGD Funding for mediation and litigation (PDF 22KB)
38 Ludwig AGD Aboriginal Legal Services (PDF 17KB)
39 Ludwig AGD Community Legal Services projects (PDF 32KB)
40 Bob Brown AGD Handgun buyback (PDF 19KB)
41 Ludwig AGD Handgun buyback (PDF 19KB)
42 Ludwig AGD Contract with Acumen Alliance (PDF 17KB)
43 Nettle AGD David Hicks (PDF 17KB)
44 Stott Despoja AGD David Hicks (PDF 25KB)
45 Stott Despoja AGD Spent convictions (PDF 17KB)
46 Ludwig AGD Combating Human Trafficking report (PDF 20KB)
47 Ludwig AGD People trafficking (PDF 23KB)
48 Ludwig AGD Gun buyback scheme (PDF 21KB)
49 Ludwig AGD Dragan Vasiljkovic (PDF 23KB)
50 Ludwig AGD Mr Hew Griffiths (PDF 20KB)
51 Nettle AGD Aircraft used to transport Mr David Hicks (PDF 16KB)
52 Stott Despoja AGD ALRC review of sedition laws (PDF 19KB)
53 Stott Despoja AGD Terrorism legislation (PDF 20KB)
54 Ludwig AGD Terrorism cases (PDF 23KB)
55 Stott Despoja AGD Background checking (PDF 17KB)
56 Ludwig AAT Accommodation costs (PDF 32KB)
57 Ludwig AAT Summary of cases (PDF 40KB)
58 Barnett AAT Delays in finalising cases (PDF 26KB)
59 Ludwig AAT IT upgrades (PDF 21KB)
60 Ludwig AAT Website costs (PDF 18KB)
61 Ludwig AAT Purchases (PDF 28KB)
62 Ludwig AFP Airport security (PDF 14KB)
63 Ludwig AGD Implementation measures (PDF 26KB)
64 Ludwig AFP Underspend (PDF 14KB)
65 Ludwig AFP QoN follow up (PDF 38KB)
66 Ludwig AFP Staff costs (PDF 14KB)
67 Ludwig AFP Secondee costs (PDF 16KB)
68 Ludwig AFP AFP headquarters (PDF 16KB)
69 Ludwig AFP Rental costs (PDF 13KB)
70 Ludwig AFP AFP headquarters (PDF 14KB)
71 Ludwig AFP AFP headquarters (PDF 25KB)
72 Nettle AFP Costs of control order (PDF 18KB)
73 Nettle AFP Deployment costs to Afghanistan (PDF 13KB)
74 Nettle AFP Cost of deployment to Burma (PDF 18KB)
75 Evans AFP Alleged theft of ADF equipment (PDF 14KB)
76 Ludwig AFP Penalties for posting offensive material (PDF 14KB)
77 Ludwig AFP Posting of offensive material (PDF 14KB)
78 Ludwig AFP Investigations of leaks (PDF 18KB)
79 Ludwig AFP Mr Mamdouh Habib (PDF 14KB)
80 Heffernan AFP Transnational Crime Coordination Centre in Jakarta (PDF 27KB)
81 Ludwig AFP Investigations into human trafficking (PDF 19KB)
82 Ludwig AFP Building leases (PDF 14KB)
83 Ludwig AFP Recruiting (PDF 14KB)
84 Ludwig AFP Rendition (PDF 17KB)
85 Ludwig AGS Client contracts (PDF 17KB)
86 Ludwig AGS National Water Plan (PDF 17KB)
87 Ludwig ALRC AustLII website (PDF 16KB)
88 Ludwig ASIO Staffing (PDF 15KB)
89 Ludwig ASIO Business Liaison Unit (PDF 12KB)
90 Ludwig ASIO ASIC and MSIC cards (PDF 62KB)
91 Ludwig ASIO ASIC cards (PDF 61KB)
92 Ludwig ASIO Training to new employees (PDF 12KB)
93 Ludwig ASIO ASIO consultation about National Human Rights Action Plan (PDF 12KB)
94 Nettle ASIO ASIO Liaison Officers (PDF 13KB)
95 Nettle ASIO Staffing (PDF 13KB)
96 Stott Despoja ASIO Staffing (PDF 13KB)
98 Ludwig Crimtrac Spent convictions (PDF 13KB)
99 Ludwig Crimtrac MNPP (PDF 25KB)
100 Ludwig ACS IT depreciation account (PDF 16KB)
101 Ludwig ACS Ashmore Reef Vessel (PDF 17KB)
102 Ludwig ACS Customs vessels (PDF 18KB)
103 Ludwig ACS Armidale Class patrol boats (PDF 19KB)
104 Payne ACS Illegal fishing (PDF 26KB)
105 Kirk ACS CSIRO report on illegal fishing (PDF 17KB)
      CSIRO report (PDF 1217KB)
106 Ludwig ACS Interception of vessel (PDF 17KB)
107 Ludwig ACS Information management system (PDF 17KB)
108 Ludwig ACS Contracts (PDF 14KB)
109 Ludwig ACS Surveillance flights (PDF 17KB)
110 Ludwig ACS Underspends (PDF 25KB)
111 Bob Brown ACS Tariff revenue from firearms imports (PDF 20KB)
112 Ludwig DPP Operation Wickenby (PDF 16KB)
113 Ludwig DPP Operation Wickenby (PDF 18KB)
114 Barnett DPP Guidelines of Official Conduct (PDF 17KB)
      Attachment (PDF 62KB)
115 Ludwig DPP Human Trafficking (PDF 19KB)
116 Ludwig DPP Funding (PDF 25KB)
117 Kirk Family Court Cases finalised (PDF 26KB)
118 Kirk Family Court Website hits (PDF 19KB)
119 Kirk Family Court Donation to AustLII (PDF 18KB)
120 Kirk Family Court Website costs (PDF 23KB)
121 Barnett Family Court Delayed judgements (PDF 26KB)
122 Barnett Family Court Complaints (PDF 24KB)
123 Ludwig Family Court Magellan project (PDF 18KB)
124 Ludwig Family Court Magellan project (PDF 20KB)
125 Ludwig Family Court Judicial workloads (PDF 18KB)
126 Ludwig Family Court Professional development (PDF 32KB)
127 Ludwig Family Court Background checking of staff (PDF 18KB)
128 Ludwig Family Court Employee entitlements (PDF 19KB)
129 Ludwig Family Court Material available to families (PDF 41KB)
130 Ludwig Family Court Workload (PDF 27KB)
131 Ludwig Family Court Self represented litigants (PDF 22KB)
132 Ludwig Family Court Administration and IT costs (PDF 60KB)
133 Ludwig Family Court Collective agreement negotiations (PDF 34KB)
135 Ludwig Federal Court Staffing (PDF 16KB)
136 Ludwig Federal Court Background checking of staff (PDF 16KB)
137 Ludwig Federal Court Misuse of employee entitlements (PDF 14KB)
138 Ludwig Family Court Magellan project (PDF 18KB)
      revised answer (PDF 18KB)
139 Ludwig Federal Court Graffiti incident (PDF 15KB)
140 Ludwig Federal Court Vacancies (PDF 43KB)
141 Ludwig Federal Court Self-represented litigants (PDF 19KB)
142 Ludwig Federal Court Administrative costs (PDF 20KB)
144 Ludwig Federal Court Casetrack (PDF 17KB)
145 Ludwig Federal Court Cases published (PDF 14KB)
146 Ludwig Federal Court AustLII (PDF 15KB)
147 Ludwig Federal Court Appeals to High Court (PDF 22KB)
148 Ludwig Federal Court Self represented litigants (PDF 13KB)
149 Kirk Federal Court Staffing (PDF 17KB)
150 Bartlett Federal Court Migration appeals (PDF 22KB)
151 Barnett Federal Court Time taken to deliver judgements (PDF 63KB)
152 Kirk Federal Magistrates Court Self represented litigants (PDF 21KB)
153 Ludwig Federal Magistrates Court Services provided free of charge (PDF 18KB)
154 Barnett Federal Magistrates Court Workloads (PDF 17KB)
155 Barnett Federal Magistrates Court Delayed judgements (PDF 19KB)
156 Bartlett Federal Court Migration decisions (PDF 18KB)
157 Ludwig Fed Magistrates Court Contracts (PDF 61KB)
158 Ludwig Fed Magistrates Court Criminal record checks of staff (PDF 18KB)
159 Ludwig Fed Magistrates Court Misuse of employees entitlements (PDF 18KB)
160 Ludwig Fed Magistrates Court Magellan Project (PDF 17KB)
161 Ludwig Fed Magistrates Court Workload statistics (PDF 19KB)
162 Ludwig Fed Magistrates Court Self represented litigants (PDF 33KB)
163 Ludwig Fed Magistrates Court Administrative costs (PDF 31KB)
164 Ludwig Fed Magistrates Court Website costs (PDF 20KB)
165 Ludwig High Court Self represented litigants and workload (PDF 27KB)
166 Ludwig High Court Self represented litigants (PDF 71KB)
167 Ludwig High Court Administrative costs (PDF 25KB)
168 Ludwig High Court AustLII (PDF 16KB)
169 Ludwig High Court Contracts (PDF 17KB)
170 Ludwig High Court Criminal records checks for employees (PDF 18KB)
171 Ludwig High Court Misuse of employees entitlements (PDF 18KB)
172 Ludwig High Court Workload and vacancies (PDF 15KB)
173 Ludwig High Court Self Represented litigants (PDF 17KB)
174 Ludwig High Court Self Represented litigants (PDF 28KB)
175 Kirk HREOC Staff locations (PDF 16KB)
176 Ludwig HREOC Indigenous expenditure (PDF 33KB)
177 Barnett HREOC Delays in finalising complaints (PDF 26KB)
178 Ludwig HREOC Staff breakdown (PDF 35KB)
179 Ludwig ITSA Bankruptcy and insolvency numbers (PDF 16KB)
      Attachment (PDF 19KB)
180 Ludwig ITSA Insolvency data (PDF 28KB)
181 Ludwig NNTT Cost savings from staffing reductions (PDF 16KB)
182 Ludwig NNTT Money carried over (PDF 16KB)
183 Ludwig NNTT Regular user group (PDF 16KB)
184 Ludwig NNTT NNTT decisions and AustLII (PDF 17KB)
185 Barnett NNTT NNTT and AustLII website (PDF 16KB)
186 Ludwig NNTT Mediation (PDF 16KB)
187 Ludwig NNTT Posting of decisions (PDF 16KB)
188 Barnett NNTT Complaints (PDF 100KB)
189 Ludwig NNTT Staffing (PDF 23KB)
190 Ludwig NNTT Hiley-Levy report (PDF 19KB)
191 Ludwig NNTT Registration (PDF 26KB)
192 Ludwig NNTT Mediation (PDF 31KB)
      Attachment (PDF 189KB)
      Attachment (PDF 15KB)
193 Ludwig OFLC Classification Board Decisions (PDF 14KB)
194 Ludwig OFLC Public submissions (PDF 13KB)
195 Stott-Despoja AGD Referrals to Classification Review Board (PDF 19KB)
196 Evans OPC 'Work Choices' bill (PDF 13KB)
197 Ludwig OPC Bills introduced to Parliament (PDF 17KB)
198 Ludwig OPC Delays in IT capital works (PDF 21KB)
199 Ludwig OPC Drafting activity (PDF 44KB)
200 Stott Despoja Privacy Commissioner Privacy in Australia (PDF 20KB)
201 Stott Despoja Privacy Commissioner Role of Privacy Commissioner (PDF 25KB)
202, 203, 204 Ludwig Screenrights several topics (PDF 60KB)

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