Treasury portfolio

Additional Estimates 2007-08 (February 2008)

Treasury portfolio

Index to Questions on Notice (PDF 284KB)

Responses to questions taken on notice at the additional estimates hearings were due on Friday 11 April 2008 -
standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Answers to Questions on Notice





AET-1 Minchin Treasury Appointments; Grants; Requests to the Department of Finance;
Election Commitments
(PDF 10KB)
AET-2 Stott Despoja Treasury Corporate social responsibility (PDF 23KB)
AET-3 Watson ASIC Insider trading (PDF 20KB)
AET-4 Watson ASIC Westpoint (PDF 20KB)
AET-5 Watson ASIC Markets issues (PDF 22KB)
AET-6 Watson ASIC International markets issues (PDF 19KB)
AET-7 Watson ASIC Retail investors (PDF 20KB)
AET-8 Coonan Treasury Taxation test case funding review panel (PDF 14KB)
AET-9 Coonan Treasury Regulations for private rulings requiring valuations (PDF 15KB)
AET-10 Coonan ATO Deductibility of donations to political parties (PDF 14KB)
AET-11 Siewert ACCC Supermarket (grocery prices) inquiry (PDF 20KB)
AET-12 Abetz ACCC Competitiveness of Australia's supermarket and retail petrol sectors (PDF 14KB)
AET-13 Bushby APRA Formulation of new APRA service charter (PDF 21KB)
AET-14 Coonan ABS Consumer Price Index; statistical services (PDF 23KB)
      Attachment 1:  A Guide to the Consumer Price Index: 15th Series, October 2005 (PDF 369KB)
AET-15 Milne Treasury Fuel Tax Credits Scheme (PDF 20KB)
AET-16 Murray Treasury Sensitivity analysis - revenue forecast (PDF 17KB)
AET-17 Payne Treasury Consultation schedule - First Home Saver Account (PDF 15KB)
AET-18 Payne Treasury Government initiatives on home saving (PDF 14KB)
AET-19 Payne Treasury First Home Saver Account - Co-contribution for low income earners (PDF 15KB)
AET-20 Payne Treasury Take-up of the First Home Saver Account at the low income level (PDF 13KB)
AET-21 Payne Treasury Eligibility for the First Home Saver Account (PDF 12KB)
AET-22 Chapman Treasury Family trusts - legislation (PDF 18KB)
AET-23 Joyce Treasury Family trusts - succeeding grandchildren (PDF 16KB)
AET-24 Chapman Treasury Family trusts - distribution beyond great-grandchildren (PDF 13KB)
AET-25 Coonan Treasury TOFA specific synthetic integrity rules (PDF 13KB)
AET-26 Coonan Treasury Withholding tax arrangements in other jurisdictions (PDF 22KB)
AET-27 Coonan Treasury Report of the Tax Design Review Panel (PDF 13KB)
AET-28 Bushby Treasury Superannuation - choice of fund (PDF 17KB)
AET-29 Joyce Treasury Zone rebate scheme (PDF 12KB)
AET-30 Joyce IGT Inspector-General of Taxation - redundancy (PDF 14KB)
AET-31 Coonan IGT Role of the Inspector-General of Taxation and the Board of Taxation (PDF 12KB)
AET-32 Coonan Treasury Gross Domestic Product (PDF 12KB)
AET-33 Coonan Treasury Possible use of surplus (PDF 16KB)
AET-34 Bushby Treasury Reserve Bank of Australia - register for appointments (PDF 20KB)
AET-35 Bushby Treasury Australia's macroeconomic performance - comparison to OECD countries (PDF 33KB)
AET-36 Coonan Treasury First Home Saver Account - effect on inflation (PDF 16KB)
AET-37 Coonan Treasury Australia's basic minimum wage (PDF 12KB)
AET-38 Coonan Treasury Productivity Commission - workplace reform (PDF 14KB)
AET-39 Coonan/Murray Treasury Industrial relations (PDF 17KB)
AET-40 Fielding Treasury Climate change - emissions trading (PDF 14KB)
AET-41 Bushby Treasury Climate change mitigation (PDF 14KB)
AET-42 Joyce Treasury Transfer pricing (PDF 19KB)
AET-43 Watson Treasury Sovereign Wealth Funds (PDF 16KB)
AET-44 Fielding Treasury Fairness of entry, exit and termination fees (PDF 18KB)
AET-45 Murray ASIC Life insurance (PDF 22KB)
AET-46 Watson ASIC Insider trading - prosecution (PDF 13KB)
AET-47 Watson ASIC Tricom Equities Ltd (PDF 16KB)
AET-48 Bushby ACCC 2020 Summit - invitations (PDF 12KB)
AET-49 Murray ACCC Hire car advertising (PDF 18KB)
AET-50 Murray ACCC Petrol issue (PDF 13KB)
AET-51 Murray ACCC Illyria Consolidated Media (PDF 14KB)
AET-52 Bushby ACCC Actions under section 46 of the Trade Practices Act (PDF 15KB)
AET-53 Bushby ACCC Market concentration - grocery retailers (PDF 13KB)
AET-54 Abetz ACCC Tertiary qualifications - commissioners, etc. (PDF 19KB)
AET-55 Joyce APRA Article by Dr Paul Woolley (PDF 16KB)
AET-56 Abetz PC Australia's regulatory burden (PDF 21KB)
AET-57 Murray PC Productivity Commission - recommendations (PDF 23KB)
AET-58 Watson ATO Efficiency dividend (PDF 14KB)
AET-59 Bushby ATO Australian Taxation Office - staffing (PDF 13KB)
AET-60 Parry ATO Senior executive salaries (PDF 14KB)
AET-61 Murray ATO Capital Gains Tax - compliance activities (PDF 34KB)
AET-62 Murray ATO Data matching (PDF 33KB)
AET-63 Watson ATO Filing of a statement of facts, estimates and contentions - GST case -
anti-avoidance provisions
(PDF 18KB)
AET-64 Joyce ATO Revenue implications of union fee deductions (PDF 15KB)
AET-65 Bushby ATO Union levies - tax deductibility (PDF 25KB)
AET-66 Joyce ATO Page 64 - agency additional estimates statements (PDF 14KB)
AET-67 Coonan Treasury Private rulings requiring valuations (no. 2) (PDF 15KB)
AET-68 Coonan Treasury Taxation Laws Amendment Bill 2008 - tax deductible donations (PDF 22KB)
AET-69 Murray Treasury Lending shares (Treasury) (PDF 25KB)
AET-70 Bushby ASIC ASIC taskforce - review of the retail investment sector (PDF 22KB)
AET-71 Bushby ASIC Complaints from consumers (PDF 23KB)
AET-72 Murray ASIC Lending shares (ASIC) (PDF 15KB)
AET-73 Bushby ACCC Supermarket sector and general questions (PDF 70KB)

 Tabled documents and letter of correction/clarification

Tabled document no. 1:  Commissioner's opening statement
(tabled by Mr Michael D'Ascenzo, Commissioner of Taxation, Australian Taxation Office on Wednesday 20 February 2008)
(PDF 159KB)
Letter of correction/clarification no. 1:  From Mr David R Vos AM, Inspector-General of Taxation, clarifying evidence given
at estimates on Wednesday 20 February 2008
(dated 4 March 2008)
(PDF 61KB)

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