Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport

Completed inquiries and reports

If you are unsure when a report was tabled, or which committee tabled a report, consult the Register of Senate Committee Reports.

Inquiry name Date completed
General Inquiry Reports (References Committee)  
The Incidence of Ovine Johne's Disease in the Australian Sheep Flock  -  Government Response - June 1999 July 1998
Commercial Utilisation of Australian Native Wildlife  -  Government Response - December 1999 June 1998
Brew Report and on the continuing role of the Commonwealth in the Australian Rail Industry  -  Government Response - June 1997 May 1997
Value-adding in Agricultural Production   - Government Response - June 1998 May 1997
Report on the Purchase of the Precision Aerial Delivery System (PADS) by Airservices Australia - Government Response - 16 June 1997 March 1997
Importation of Cooked Chicken Meat into Australia - Government Response - November 1997 October 1996.
Bills Reports (Legislation Committee)  
The provisions of the Wool International Amendment Bill 1998 2 December 1998
Farm Household Support Amendment (Restart and Exceptional Circumstances) Bill 1997 November 1997
Wheat Marketing Amendment Bill 1997 October 1997
Customs Tariff Amendment Bill (No.2) 1997 (No.3) November 1997
Airports Bills August 1996