Delegated legislation monitors

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The committee's usual practice is to table a report, the Delegated legislation monitor (the monitor), each sitting week of the Senate. The monitor provides an overview of the committee's scrutiny of disallowable instruments of delegated legislation for the preceding period. Disallowable instruments of delegated legislation detailed in the monitor are also listed in the Index of instruments on the committee's website.

Monitor number Date Format
5 of 2018 9 May 2018

(PDF 1262KB)
Ministerial responses (PDF 17,474)

4 of 2018 28 March 2018 (PDF 1550KB)
Ministerial responses (PDF 1,940KB)
3 of 2018 21 March 2018 (PDF 1980KB)
Ministerial responses (PDF 3840KB)
2 of 2018 14 February 2018 (PDF 1429KB
1 of 2018 7 February 2018  (PDF 1940KB)
Ministerial responses (PDF 3630KB)

2018 Index of instruments (PDF 240KB) (Word 32KB)