Submissions received

Inquiry into women in sport and recreation in Australia

Submissions received

Sub No.  
1 Mr Jim Daly, Adjunct Scholar Human Movement, School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia (PDF 12KB); Attachment (PDF 578KB)
2 Dr Simone Fullagar (PDF 24KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 156KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 627KB); Attachment 3 (PDF 91KB)
3 Ms Donna E Little (PDF 15KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 350KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 366KB); Attachment 3 (PDF 1316KB); Attachment 4 (PDF 200KB)
4 Ms Elaine Watson OAM (PDF 5973KB); Attachments (Australian Women's Soccer - the First 20 Years and Women 's Soccer in Queensland) available in  hard copy only
5 Womensport and Recreation Tasmania Inc (PDF 63KB); Attachment (PDF 150KB)
6 Ms Janice Crosswhite (PDF 23KB)
7 UWA Sports & Recreation Association (PDF 56KB)
8 International Coalition for Women in Shooting and Hunting (WiSH) (PDF 130KB)
9 Disabled WinterSport Australia (PDF 27KB)
10 The Royal Life Saving Society Australia (PDF 112KB)
11 Ms Heidi Gilchrist (PDF 26KB)
12 Dr Jane Fitzpatrick & Dr Susan White (PDF 33KB)
13 WA Netball (PDF 226KB)
14 Women's Golf Executive Committee, Yowani Country Club (PDF 21KB)
15 Dr Lynn Embrey (PDF 44KB)
16 Women in Sport Media Group (PDF 27KB)
17 The Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) (PDF 75KB)
17A The Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 725KB)
18 Big V Basketball (PDF 108KB)
19 Sports Medicine Australia (PDF 802KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 680KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 3529KB); extra attachments available in hard copy only
20 Womensport & Recreation NSW Inc (PDF 3025KB)
21 Netball Victoria (PDF 323KB)
22 Dr Ruth Sibson and Dr Sue Colyer, Edith Cowan University, WA (PDF 138KB)
23 Ms Jennifer Riatti (PDF 434KB); Attachment (PDF 864KB)
24 Softball Australia (PDF 42KB)
25 Women with Disabilities Australia (PDF 89KB)
26 Ms Heather Reid (PDF 60KB)
27 Australian Olympic Committee (PDF 84KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 43KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 54KB); Attachment 3 (PDF 675KB)
28 Orienteering Australia Inc (PDF 449KB)
29 Associate Professor Tracy Taylor (PDF 16KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 83KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 154KB); Attachment 3 (PDF 102KB); Attachment 4 (PDF 85KB); Attachment 5 (PDF 116KB)
30 Australian Sports Commission (PDF 282KB)
30A Australian Sports Commission (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 180KB)
30B Australian Sports Commission (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 71KB)
31 VicSport - The Sports Federation of Victoria (PDF 126KB)
32 Office for Women - Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (PDF 67KB)
32A Office for Women - Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 237KB)
33 Women's Centre for Health Matters (PDF 53KB)
34 Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly (PDF 45KB)
35 Womensport West - Women's Sport Foundation of WA (Inc) (PDF 24KB)
36 ACTSport (PDF 121KB)
37 WA Sports Federation (PDF 48KB)
38 Recreation SA (PDF 61KB)
39 Womensport Queensland (PDF 238KB)
40 Women's Cricket - Cricket NSW (PDF 3210KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 14KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 254KB)
41 Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (PDF 77KB)
42 Ms Kelly-anne Parkes (PDF 51KB)
43 Hockey Australia (PDF 354KB)
44 Cricket Australia (PDF 74KB)
45 National Heart Foundation of Australia (PDF 49KB)
46 Australian Rugby Union (PDF 165KB)
47 Football Federation Australia (PDF 108KB); Attachment (PDF 343KB)
48 Department of Sport and Recreation WA (PDF 91KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 1246KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 497KB); Attachment 3 (PDF 393KB); Attachment 4 (PDF 163KB); Attachment 5 (PDF 188KB)
49 Sport and Recreation Queensland (PDF 51KB)
50 Department of Communications, IT and the Arts (PDF 33KB)
51 Sport and Recreation Tasmania (PDF 32KB)
52 Professional Golfers Association (PDF 139KB)
53 Department of Sport and Recreation, NSW (PDF 98KB)
54 VicHealth - Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (PDF 490KB)
55 Womensport and Recreation Victoria (PDF 329KB); Attachment 1 (JPG format); Attachment 2 (JPG format)
56 Females in Training (FIT) (PDF 24KB)
57 Premier's Council for Women, South Australia (PDF 223KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 63KB); Attachment 1a (PDF 1040KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 2081KB); Attachment 3 (PDF 2544KB); Attachment 4 (PDF 1635KB); Attachment 5 (PDF 12333KB)
58 Minister for Sport and Recreation, Northern Territory Government (PDF 68KB)
59 Australian Broadcasting Corporation (PDF 132KB)
59A Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Supplementary submission)  (PDF 48KB)
60 Confederation of Australian Sport (PDF 295KB)
61 Ms Julie Tullberg, Sports Journalist (PDF 21KB)
62 The Australian Netball Players' Association and the Australian Workers' Union (PDF 110KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 195KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 33KB)
63 Women's Sports Foundation UK (PDF 126KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 852KBt); Attachment 2 - Britain's best kept secrets (PDF 1063KB); Attachment 3 - Playing catch-up (only available in hard copy); Attachment 4 - UK Strategy framework 2005 (PDF 1192KB)
64 Sports Federation of Queensland Inc (PDF 57KB)
65 Netball Australia (PDF 66KB)
66 SoccerFit (PDF 136KB)
67 Premier Media Group (PDF 86KB)
67A Premier Media Group (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 19KB)
68 Mr Scott Bach (PDF 47KB)
69 Australian Football League (PDF 80KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 315KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 2664KB)
69A Australian Football League (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 33KB)
70 Bowls Australia (PDF 114KB)
71 Australian Womensport & Recreation Association Inc (PDF 64KB); Attachment (PDF 17KB)
72 Australian Subscription Television & Radio Association (ASTRA) (PDF 141KB)
73 Fitness First Australia (PDF 14KB)
74 Fitness Australia Inc (PDF 42KB)
75 Outdoor Council of Australia Inc. (PDF 87KB)
76 Fitness Victoria  (PDF 14KB)  Attachment  (PDF 35KB)
77 Australian Paralympic Committee  (PDF 213KB)
78 Fernwood Women's Health Clubs  (PDF 38KB);  Attachment 1  (PDF 1568KB);   Attachment 2  (PDF 53KB)
79 Zest Health Clubs Limited  (PDF 46KB)
80 Ms Margaret Henley, NZ  (PDF 23KB)
81 TVNZ- TV One  (PDF 105KB);  Attachments 1-4  (PDF 134KB)


The Committee wrote to all state and territory Departments of Education, asking for information about sport in school.

Below are replies received by the Committee:

Department of Education and Training, Western Australia (PDF 178KB)
Department of Education, Tasmania (PDF 93KB)
Department of Education & Training, Victoria (PDF 1143KB)
Department of Education and Training, NSW (PDF 106KB)
Department of Education & Training, ACT (PDF 1545KB)
Department of Education and the Arts, QLD (PDF 1636KB)
Department of Employment, Education and Training, NT (PDF 3230KB)
Department of Education and Children's Services, SA (PDF 2373KB)

For further information or to obtain hard copies, contact:

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