A. Submissions

44th Parliament

1Mr Dale Moroney
2Robin Murray
3Gilbert Holmes
4Cate Tauss
5Keith Wiltshire
6Ms Joanne Macdonald
7Dr Luke Nottage, University of Sydney
8Terence Ponting
9Ron Jean
10Mrs M Lovejoy
11Melville Miranda
12Peter Whyte
13Robert Rimmer
14The Australian Sugar Industry Alliance
15Anne and Bill Byrne
16Annie Wieland
17Mark Enders
18Queensland Sugar Limited
19Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd
20Sibyl Payn
21Ryan Robinson
22Mick Gill
24Michael Downes
25Geoff Holland
26Gary Hadley
27Andrew Oliver
28Evelyn Roberts
29Orlanda Endicott
30Sam Altman
31Charles Lancaster
32North Queensland Conservation Council
33Diana Herbert
34Paul Rowlands
35Sharyn Hassard
36Rachel Knipe
37Vince Moore
38Thomas Delaney
39Sonia Bertram
40Robert Gregory
41Tor Larsen and Darani Lewers
42Tracey Beale
43MC Niermann and attachment
44Peter Prior
45Australian Copyright Council
46Michael Vincent
48NSW Retired Teachers' Association
49Civil Liberties Australia
50Thomass Hamiltons
51Deborah Ferguson
52Marigold Hayler
53Tess Deyl
54Carolyn Diamond
55Australian Red Meat Industry
56Ms E Bock and Mr K Blackman
57Carlos Andrade
58Ben Sturmfels
59Pamela McAllister
60NSW Nurses and Midwives Association
61Associate Professor Tham
62Ilka Blue Nelson
63National Farmers' Federation
64Nizza Siano
65Jennifer Lawrence
66Julian Robinson
67Spirit of Eureka
68Matthew Dingle
69Fraser Island Defenders Organisation
70Julius Alexander
71Roger Jowett
72Pauline Westwood
73Peter Morris
74Dr William Adlong
75Toby Hutcheon
76Dr Andreia Schineanu
77Australian Sugar Milling Council
78John and Suzanne Jedryk
79Jenny Warren
80John Kaskabas
81Rudy Pilotto
82Donald and Alma McAllister
83Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade Questions on Notice
83.1DFAT supplementary questions
84Birds Queensland
85Minerals Council of Australia
86Melbourne Unitarian Church
87Vintage Reds of Canberra
88Capricorn Conservation Council First example of a form letter – a further 5 have been received
89Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation
90Public Services International
91Australian Marine Conservation Society
92Joint Education Unions and attachment
93Business Law Section Law Council of Australia
94GrainGrowers and attachment
95Electrical Trades Union
96Paul Mackey
97Queensland Conservation Council
98Law Council of Australia and attachment
100 Dr Elizabeth Thurbon
101 ACTU
103 Public Health Association of Australia
104 Tim Conway
105 Dr Deborah Gleeson and attachment
106 Anna George
107 Pesticide Action Group
108 Motion Picture Association
109 Greenpeace
110 Gene Ethics and attachment
111 Action Aid Australia
112 AIIA
113 Export Council of Australia
114 Copyright Advisory Group
115 Australian Dairy Industry
116 AMWU
117 Universities Australia
118 Screen Producers Australia
119Adrian Mortimer
120 Adam Steer
121 Sally Wylie
123Communist Party of Australia
124Duncan Marshall
125 Professor William Plain
126 MSF Doctors without Borders
127 Malcolm Bosworth and attachment
128 Linux Australia
129 Peter Kardashinsky
130 Dr Kyla Tienhaara
131 Barbara Godfrey
132 Australian Privacy Foundation
133 Richard Maguire and attachment
134 Anthony Mann
136Michael Wood
137 Anton Pulvirenti
139 Joy Mettam
140 Isabel McIntosh
142 Wine Australia
143 Sarah Ricketts
145 Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
146 Maria Maguire
147 Carolyn Allen
148 Elaine Minogue
149 Open Source Industry Australia
150 Australian Screen Association
151MGA Arnold-Jones, J Stanoff, M Wood
152 Australian Digital Alliance
153 Australian Libraries Copyright Committee
154 Garth Coghlan
155 Friends of the Earth and attachment
156 Sprout Tasmania
157 Dr Hazel Moir
159Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development
160Oscar Delaney
162Pirate Party Australia
163Philip Lormer
166Mary Evans
167Dr Sam Luttrell
168Professor Kimberlee Weatherall
169Australian Writers' Guild
170 Dr Chris Coughran
171 Electronic Frontiers Australia
172 Nathan Laurent
173 Union Aid Abroad
174 Planet Mining Pty Ltd
175 Dr Matthew Rimmer
176 Lisa White
176.1 Lisa White supplementary submission
178 Grant Durich
179 Bruce and Kay Sillence
180 Adrienne Tamplin
181 James England
182 Penny Moody
183 Kelly Cheyne
184 Steven Watkins
185 Barry Fitzpatrick
186 Anne Jackson
187 Carlyle Moulton
188 Antonino Fina
189 Constance McCabe
190 Terry Chadban
191 Paul & Meg Wilson
192 Ross Wood
193 Bruce Morgan
194 Tony Cavanna
195 Lee Giles
196 Gary Clark
197 Julian Gamble
198 Franklin Bruinstroop
199 Nick Staniforth
200 Brent Hemer
201 Philip Evans
202 Ross Bryceson
203 William Butterfield
204 Jacinta Carolan
205 Anne Lanyon
206 Peter Buckney
207 Caroline Fitzpatrick
208 Vicky Palfreyman
209 Dr Peter Turner
210 Teal Evans
211 Craig Miller
212 Dr John Schutz
213 Adam Carson
214 Sol Voron
215 Gordon Christie
216 Professor Emerita Dorothy Broom
217 Anne and Brian Whatman
218 Joseph
219 Jim Derrick
220 Isobel Glenny
221 Chris White
222 Faisal Alamdar
223 Tyswan Slater
224 Greg Cutbush
225 Josephine Archibald
226 Jenni York
227 Andrew Thelander
228 Peter Johnson
229 Michelle Cashman
230 Dellene Burnside
231 Brian Farrelly
232 Toni Davies
233 Steffie Baird
234 David Blunden
235 Peter Butler
236 John Bell
237 Warren Whelan
238 Leslie Shirreffs
239 Michael Kirby White
240 Linda Linke
241 Cynthia Jones Horne
242 Dr Tania De Bortoli
243 Peter Strempel
244 Isabel McIntosh
245 Johanna Bridle
246 Jennifer Bluhm
247 Harry Creamer
248 Dave Kearney
249 Dr Des Maddalena
251 Duncan Mills
252 Pauline F O'Brien.
253 The Isocracy Network
254 Lisa Intemann
255 Mathematicians Party of Australia
256 Collated 1764 emails via Sum of Us.
257 Collated 17 short emails
258 Collated 1326 emails via Get Up

45th Parliament

Dr Sam Luttrell
Dr Deborah Gleeson MPH PhD
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA (Inc)
COAG Education Council
Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 4
Adjunct Professor Anna George
Dr Matthew Rimmer
Immigration Solutions Lawyers
Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)

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About this inquiry

This inquiry will examine the following treaty: Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement between the Government of Australia and the Governments of: Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States of America and Vietnam, associated side letters and proposed Australian notification on tobacco control measures (Auckland, 4 February 2016)

Past Public Hearings

07 Nov 2016: Canberra
17 Oct 2016: CANBERRA
07 Oct 2016: MELBOURNE