Australian Greens additional comments

The majority report states that coal, liquified natural gas, and natural gas are major Australian exports to India and that refined petroleum is a major import from India.
The conclusion of this report states that ‘there are beneficial outcomes for some key Australian exports such as coal and liquified natural gas’.1 The Australian Greens have serious concerns about the majority report commenting on the ease of fossil fuel exports as a good outcome of this agreement.
We are in a climate crisis, we must transition away from fossil fuels and aid other countries to do the same. These exports contribute to Australia’s scope 3 emissions which there is currently no requirement for companies to offset due to the scant regulatory oversight of them. The Greens believe that Australia should be responsible for its scope 3 emissions which are a result of exports of fossil fuels that this agreement will facilitate.
Senator Dorinda Cox

  • 1
    See: Chapter 7, paragraph 7.3.

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