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 43 items in 3 pages
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 43 items in 3 pages
1Dr Joseph de Riva O'Phelan (PDF 28 KB) 
2Mr Gerald Lynch (PDF 66 KB) 
3Mr Jack Kershaw (PDF 29 KB) 
3.1 Supplementary to submission 3 (PDF 13 KB) 
4Mr Leon Arundell (PDF 136 KB) 
5Smart Canberra Transport (PDF 726 KB) 
5.1 Supplementary to submission 5 (PDF 235 KB) 
6Lake Burley Griffin Guardians (PDF 238 KB) 
6.1 Supplementary to submission 6 (PDF 1089 KB) 
7Mr Michael Quirk (PDF 86 KB) 
8Dr John Smith (PDF 78 KB) 
8.1 Supplementary to submission 8 (PDF 50 KB) 
9Griffith-Narrabundah Community Association (PDF 264 KB) 
10Mr Lukas Sigut (PDF 11 KB) 
11Mr Damien McGrath (PDF 49 KB) 
12Duncan Marshall and Dr Michael Pearson AO (PDF 79 KB) 
13Weston Creek Community Council (PDF 260 KB) 
14Public Transport Association of Canberra (PDF 210 KB) 
14.1 Supplementary to submission 14 (PDF 1089 KB) 
15Mr Bill Gemmell (PDF 36 KB) 
16Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (PDF 513 KB) 
16.1 Supplementary to submission 16 (PDF 1052 KB) 
17Department of Parliamentary Services (PDF 1191 KB) 
18Deakin Residents Association (PDF 1233 KB) 
19Mr Mark Dando (PDF 43 KB) 
20Mr Jim Mitchell (PDF 10 KB) 

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About this inquiry

The Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories is inquiring into Commonwealth and Parliamentary approvals for the proposed stage 2 of the ACT light rail project.

Past Public Hearings

16 Aug 2018: Canberra
28 Jun 2018: Canberra
21 Jun 2018: Canberra


Inquiry Status

Submissions closed


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