Submissions received by the Committee

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1Owen Pacific Workforce (PDF 414 KB) 
Exhibit (PDF 444 KB) 
2Department of Employment (PDF 604 KB) 
2.1 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 863 KB) 
2.2 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 293 KB) 
2.3 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 125 KB) 
2.4 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 97 KB) 
3Mr Paul Casey (PDF 193 KB) 
4Momack Produce Pty Ltd (PDF 84 KB) 
5Office of the Chief Trade Adviser (OCTA) for Forum Island Countries (PDF 1905 KB) 
6Secretary of State for Professional Training and Employment Policy Timor-Leste (PDF 2438 KB) 
7Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade - Solomon Islands Government (PDF 116 KB) 
8Mossmont Nurseries Pty Ltd (PDF 248 KB) 
9Victorian Farmers Federation (PDF 360 KB) 
10Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment - New Zealand (PDF 1884 KB) 
11Australian Dairy Farmers  (PDF 167 KB) 
12Deep Creek Organics (PDF 107 KB) 
13Vernview Pty Ltd (PDF 2871 KB) 
14Gracekate Farms (PDF 158 KB) 
15Abbotsleigh Citrus (PDF 82 KB) 
16Growcom (PDF 144 KB) 
17MADEC Australia (PDF 1942 KB) 
18Connect Group Pty Ltd (PDF 119 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 415 KB) 
19Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 998 KB) 
19.1 Supplementary to submission 19 (PDF 61 KB) 
20Golden Mile No 1 Pty Ltd (PDF 161 KB) 

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