Seasonal change: Inquiry into the Seasonal Worker Programme

Tabled 5 May 2016

© Commonwealth of Australia 2016

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Preliminary pages (PDF 304KB)
Chapter 1:   Introduction (PDF 109KB)
Chapter 2:   Background (PDF 521KB)
Chapter 3:   Role of seasonal workers in the horticulture industry (PDF 424KB)
Chapter 4:   Workforce requirements for sectors that may benefit from seasonal workers (PDF 475KB)
Chapter 5:   Expanding the Seasonal Worker Programme (PDF 252KB)
Chapter 6:   Impact on the Australian labour force (PDF 173KB)
Chapter 7:   Increased access for women and youth workers (PDF 191KB
Chapter 8:   Development outcomes in the Pacific (PDF 553KB)
Chapter 9:   Possible legislative and other impediments (PDF 265KB)
Chapter 10: Compliance and related issues (PDF 236KB)
Appendix A: List of Submissions (PDF 57KB)
Appendix B: List of Exhibits (PDF 68KB)
Appendix C: List of public hearings (PDF 94KB)
Appendix D: Implementation arrangements for the Seasonal Worker Programme (PDF 414KB)

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