Submissions received by the Committee

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1The Northern Territory Government (PDF 760 KB) 
2Australian Food Cold Chain Council (PDF 450 KB) 
3Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (PDF 1416 KB) 
4Department of Home Affairs (PDF 245 KB) 
5ANU, School of Regulation & Global Governance (PDF 169 KB) 
6Deakin University: Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics and Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation (PDF 670 KB) 
7Medical Insurance Group Australia (PDF 184 KB) 
8Associate Professor Cassandra Cross (PDF 218 KB) 
9Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) (PDF 986 KB) 
10Attorney General’s Department (PDF 239 KB) 
11Pfizer Australia (PDF 96 KB) 
14Department of Health (PDF 832 KB) 
15Mr Muhammad Zaheer Abbas Phd (PDF 229 KB) 

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