Submissions received by the Committee

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1Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (PDF 563 KB) 
2WA Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (PDF 218 KB) 
3Standards Australia (PDF 94 KB) 
4Australian Federal Police (PDF 637 KB) 
5Dog Force Australia (PDF 916 KB) 
6Mr Craig Murray (PDF 143 KB) 
7Queensland Corrective Services (PDF 2817 KB) 
8Queensland Police Service (PDF 223 KB) 
9Australian Working Patrol Dog Association (PDF 1874 KB) 
10Security Providers Association of Australia Limited (PDF 624 KB) 
11Police Federation of Australia (PDF 186 KB) 
12Canine Detection Certification of Australia (PDF 112 KB) 
13Skylos Ecology (PDF 73 KB) 
14Australasian Conservation Dog Network (PDF 113 KB) 
15Mr Steve Austin (PDF 1993 KB) 
16United Kingdom's Home Office and Department for Transport (PDF 79 KB) 
17NSW Police Force (PDF 116 KB) 
18University of Adelaide (PDF 1077 KB) 

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