Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses

Monday, 21 September 2020
Parliament House
Police Federation of Australia
Mr Scott Weber, Chief Executive Officer (videoconference)
Australasian Conservation Dog Network
Dr La Toya Jamieson, Treasurer (videoconference)
Canine Detection Certification of Australia
Ms Robyn Stark, Executive Officer (teleconference)
Mr Ryan Tate, Certified Handler and Assessor (teleconference)
Skylos Ecology
Ms Tracy Lyten, Director (teleconference)
Steve Austin Canine Training & Behaviour
Mr Steve Austin, Director (teleconference)
Australian Working Patrol Dog Association
Mr John Logan, Board Member (teleconference)
Mr Daniel Sweeney, Board Member (teleconference)
Mr Wayne Ferrari, Board Member (in person)
Mr Scott Corcoran, Board Member (in person)
Australian Security Industry Association Ltd
Mr Bryan de Caires, Chief Executive Officer (in person)
Security Providers Association of Australia Limited
Mr Rod Wark, Director (in person)
Dog Force Australia
Mr Michael Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer (in person)
Mr David Wright, Director (in person)
Mr James Fidler, Director of Security Australia and New Zealand (videoconference)
Standards Australia
Mr Daniel Chidgey, Head of Stakeholder Engagement (videoconference)
Mark Bowden, Stakeholder Engagement Manager (videoconference)
NSW Police Force
Ms Lisa Stockley, Assistant Director (Industry Regulation), Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (teleconference)
Commander Peter McErlain APM, Commander of dog unit (teleconference)
Sergeant Lateisha Lomas, Training Supervisor (teleconference)

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