The Committee

The Committee

Mr Craig Kelly MP LP, NSW (Chair)
Senator the Hon Lisa Singh ALP, TAS (Deputy Chair)
Senator the Hon Eric Abetz LP, TAS
Dr Anne Aly MP ALP, WA
Senator Jane Hume LP, VIC (from 10.9.18)
Senator the Hon Kristina Keneally ALP, NSW (from 15.2.18)
Mr Llew O'Brien MP NATS, QLD
Ms Clare O'Neil MP ALP, VIC (from 15.6.17)
Mr Jason Wood MP LP, VIC
Former Members
Senator David Bushby LP, TAS (from 17.8.17 – 2.10.17; from 17.10.17 – 5.2.18)
Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck LP, TAS (from 12.2.18 – 10.9.18)
Senator the Hon Don Farrell ALP, SA (from 23.11.16 – 15.2.18)
Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore NXT, SA (from 7.2.17 – 22.11.17)
Senator Barry O'Sullivan NATS, QLD (until 16.8.17;from 3.10.17 – 12.2.18)


Ms Sophie Dunstone, Secretary
Ms Cathy Nembu, Principal Research Officer (until 21.1.19)
Mr Joshua Wrest, Senior Research Officer
Ms Jo-Anne Holmes, Administrative Officer (until 11.1.19)
Ms Sofia Moffett, Administrative Officer (from 14.1.19)

PO Box 6100
Parliament House

Telephone:    (02) 6277 3419

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