Submissions received by the Committee

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1Office of the Public Guardian (Qld) (PDF 1677 KB) 
2Aged & Disability Advocacy Australia (PDF 320 KB) 
3Public Advocates and Public Guardians - ACT, Qld, NSW, NT, SA, Tas, Vic (PDF 45 KB) 
4National Association of Community Legal Centres (PDF 231 KB) 
5The Public Advocate (Qld) (PDF 97 KB) 
6Leading Age Services Australia (PDF 795 KB) 
7Aged Care Industry Association (PDF 232 KB) 
8Human Rights Watch (PDF 147 KB) 
9Australian College of Nurse Practitioners (PDF 218 KB) 
10Dr Juanita Breen (PDF 361 KB) 
11Older Persons Advocacy Network (PDF 947 KB) 
12Advocacy for Inclusion (PDF 190 KB) 
13Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (PDF 348 KB) 
14Elderlaw (PDF 2366 KB) 
15Aged Care Crisis (PDF 264 KB) 
16Dementia Australia (PDF 181 KB) 
17Relationships Australia (PDF 554 KB) 

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