Ministerial Responses

The committee works to conclude its assessment of bills while they are still before the Parliament, and its assessment of legislative instruments within the timeframe for disallowance (usually 15 sitting days).

This approach seeks to ensure that the committee's reports on the human rights compatibility of legislation are available to inform the debates of the Parliament.

The committee therefore sets its reporting date for specific items of legislation taking into account the need to report in advance of the passage of legislation, particularly where the passage of that legislation might be expedited due to urgency or other reasons.

Responses received by the requested date can be taken into account and published alongside the committee's concluding report on an item of legislation. Legislation proponents should therefore ensure that responses are provided by the dates requested.

Bills or instruments listed in red indicate that the response is overdue. On an exceptional basis, extensions are occasionally granted. Responses marked with an * indicate an extension has been granted.

The table below sets out the bills and instruments for which the committee has requested a response and the response has either not yet been received or has been received but the committee has not yet finally reported on it.

All ministerial and other responses are published alongside the scrutiny report after tabling.

Legislation Minister Committee comment Response due Response received
Counter-Terrorism and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 Attorney-General Report 9 of 2023 21 September 2023 19 September 2023 
Social Security (Remote Engagement Program Payment) Determination 2023 Indigenous Affairs Report 10 of 2023 28 September 2023