Guidance Notes and resources

The role of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights examines all Commonwealth legislation for compatibility with human rights.

The committee has prepared a Guide to Human Rights to provide an introduction to 25 of the key human rights found in the seven international human rights treaties against which the committee considers questions of human rights compatibility.

The Guide is not intended to be comprehensive or legalistic. It is intended to complement other human rights sources, in particular guidance and resource material available on the Attorney-General's Department's website and the Australian Human Rights Commission's website. It is intended to provide a short and accessible overview of the key rights that the committee considers when examining legislation, includes examples to illustrate how each right can be applied in practice and points to other information and sources that may assist those seeking a more comprehensive analysis of the rights discussed.

The committee has also published two guidance notes:

Guidance Note 1 - Drafting statements of compatibility
This sets out the committee's approach to human rights assessments and its requirement for statements of compatibility.

Guidance Note 2 - Offence provisions, civil penalties and human rights
This sets out some of the key human rights compatibility issues in relation to provisions that create offences and civil penalties.