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The Trade Sub-Committee will examine opportunities to expand on the billions of dollars in trade and investment between Australia and the countries of the Middle East. Refer to the terms of reference for more information.

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02 Dec 2015: ACT
25 Nov 2015: Canberra, ACT
14 Oct 2015: Canberra, ACT


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If you require any special arrangements to enable you to participate in the Committee's inquiry, please contact the Committee Secretariat.

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Media Releases

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04 May 2016: Growing Australia's trade with the Middle East
01 Dec 2015: Australian healthcare provider Aspen Medical to discuss breaking into Middle Eastern markets
24 Nov 2015: Export credit agency Efic to explain how it is backing Australian exporters to Middle Eastern markets
13 Oct 2015: Australian shipbuilder Austal to discuss building high speed ferries and navy ships for Middle Eastern markets
08 Sep 2015: Australian Food and Grocery Council to discuss the billion-dollar agri-food trade with the Middle East>
23 Jun 2015: Australia Saudi Business Council to discuss Australia's billion-dollar trade with Saudi Arabia
12 May 2015: Queensland exporter and a trade consultant to discuss Australia’s billion-dollar trade with the Middle East
24 Mar 2015: Australian industry opportunity to provide high-value convenience foods to the Middle East
17 Mar 2015: Tourism & Transport Forum to discuss how to bolster tourism from the Middle East
04 Mar 2015: Department of Immigration and Border Protection to discuss visas for tourism and students from the Middle East
10 Feb 2015: Growing $16 billion in trade between Australia and the Middle East
02 Dec 2014: Department of Agriculture's role in exporting $4 billion worth of produce to the Middle East
25 Nov 2014: Government’s role in pursuing free trade with the Gulf states to help grow $12 billion trade with the region
28 Oct 2014: Emirates flying tourists and cargo worth billions to Australia
16 Oct 2014: Melbourne businesses sharing views on exports to the Middle East
01 Oct 2014: Export Council of Australia discusses multi-billion Middle Eastern Trade
08 Sep 2014: Australian businesses sharing views on trade with the Middle East
15 Jul 2014: Trade consultant to discuss Australia’s $14 billion in trade and investment with Middle Eastern countries
26 Mar 2014: New inquiry - Australia's multi-billion dollar trade with Middle Eastern countries

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