Appendix 3

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Appendix 3

A tiered model for jurisdiction[1]

Tier 1 Agencies with significant law enforcement functions, close operational ties and high inherent corruption risks
Tier 2 Other agencies with important law enforcement functions and lower inherent corruption vulnerability
Tier 3 Other Commonwealth agencies


How an investigation or inquiry may be commenced*

Addressing Corruption Risk


CEO must notify corruption issues to ACLEI (s 19)

CEO may refer corruption issues to ACLEI

Minister may refer a corruption issue (s 18)

Any other person may refer a corruption issue (s 23)

on own
initiative (s 38)

Minister may
request a
public inquiry (s 71)

Corruption risk assessment**

Providing corruption prevention advice**

Awareness raising about
corruption risks





Whistle-blowers only


On request









On request

On request

* The Integrity Commissioner should give priority to corruption issues that have a nexus to the law enforcement character of the agency.
** To ensure detection and prevention systems are appropriately targeted and resourced.
§ Please note that while ACLEI's submission did not include 'own initiative' inquiry and investigation for the second tier, the committee recommends that this be the case.

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