Role of the Committee

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity is established by the Law Enforcement Integrity Commissioner Act 2006. Part 14, Section 214 provides for matters relating to the powers and proceedings of the committee to be determined by resolution of both Houses of Parliament. Under section 215 the duties of the committee are as follows:

  1. The Committee has the following duties:
    1. to monitor and review the Integrity Commissioner’s performance of his or her functions;
    2. to report to both Houses of the Parliament, with such comments as it thinks fit, on any matter:
      1. connected with the performance of the Integrity Commissioner’s functions; or
      2. relating to ACLEI;
        that the Committee considers should be directed to the attention of Parliament;
    3. to examine:
      1. each annual report referred to in section201 that is prepared by the Integrity Commissioner; and
      2. any special report prepared by the Integrity Commissioner under section204;
        and report to the Parliament on any matter appearing in, or arising out of, any such annual report or special report;
    4. to examine trends and changes in:
      1. law enforcement in so far as they relate to corruption; and
      2. corruption generally in, or the integrity of staff members of, Commonwealth government agencies with a law
        enforcement function;
        and report to both Houses of the Parliament on any change that the Committee thinks desirable:
      3. to the Integrity Commissioner’s functions or powers; or
      4. to the procedures followed by the Integrity Commissioner; or
      5. to ACLEI’s structure;
    5. to inquire into any question in connection with the Committee’s duties that is referred to it by either House of the Parliament, and to report to that House upon that question.
  2. Subsection(1) does not authorise the Committee:

    1. to investigate a corruption issue or an ACLEI corruption issue; or
    2. to reconsider the Integrity Commissioner’s decisions or recommendations in relation to a particular corruption issue or ACLEI corruption issue; or
    3. to reconsider a special investigator’s decisions or recommendations in relation to an ACLEI corruption issue.