Snapshot 2 – Responsiveness to change


This snapshot compiles some responses about how well the Child Support program responds to changes in people’s lives. The questionnaire has been online for about six weeks, and in that time we have received more than 10 000 responses. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire, which means that people have contributed a total of about 3 000 hours to the inquiry through the questionnaire.

The questionnaire asks individuals if the Child Support program is responsive to changes in their lives. Of those who responded with a single word, only about 25% said ‘YES’, while 75% said ‘NO’. The major ways that people’s lives have changed include their jobs, their incomes, and how much time they spend caring for their children. Some of the longer responses are provided below.

Some responses report positive experiences:

Others report serious problems:

Some responses found the system too slow or inflexible:

And some responses had suggestions for change:

Thanks to everyone who has completed the Questionnaire. We will publish further snapshots online in coming weeks.

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The Committee will consider whether any problems experienced by payers or payees of child support impact on the majority of parents and other carers involved in the system, or a minority, and make recommendations accordingly.

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